Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm at the 14th SAFW and I promised a few people (including those who are going to pay me) that I'd be sending reports and reviews from here and I don't have anything for them or anyone else yet. Things are different this year, there's no public, new designers and it feels like the industry is at a major cross roads. I'm not going to be fluffy and "fabulous" about anything. When I started this blog, I promised myself I'd be honest with whoever reads it and myself. I may not always say nice things but everything I say is the truth. When this is over tomorrow, I'm going to write from the bottom of my heart, which is a place that cares deeply for this industry, and what I might say may be construed differently by some, but it will be mine. I'm a total idealist and today I have to be a realist. It's not easy and I'm not going to rush into it because of a few hundred rand promises. I'm not in the mood for posting pictures of the well dressed people I've seen here or the cute clothes I've seen. So if you were hoping for that, I'm sorry, please be patient. I don't even know if I should have posted this. Luckily I never made a deal with anybody to be happy-go-lucky!


Nothando N. said...

This is exactly why I read your blog...when I need "fluffy" I know where to go :-)
So Speak your mind Milli.

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