Saturday Night

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Nana and I invited some over on Saturday night after Sound Garden got washed away to next weekend. And I had fun playing with my new Olympus digital camera.



Tomorrow I'm going to Cape Town for a super duper cool event!  Puma asked me (and some other people) to design my very own Puma Jacket as part of the Built for One Creative Factory concept, where individuals like you and me can design our own Puma Jacket.  So a few of us including Gary Cotterel of Wanted Magazine and Sias du Plessis of 5fm, were put to task and these are the first stages of my ''The First Princess'' jacket.  I think it's really cool that they are doing this.  All will be revealed at an event tomorrow night where 100 attendants will be able to design their own jackets and get them made on the night.  I shall report back with some pictures. 

Cuss TV

So sad I'm gonna miss this tomorrow. My friend Jamal and the Cuss Magazine team are screening their first  of many Webisodes (web episodes) of Cuss TV, Cuss Magazine's magazine show on South African contemporary arts and culture.  The first 30 minute episode will be screened at The Bioscope on the 29th.  Look at the invite to see what the screening will be accompanied by.  


Also missing this tomorrow. Can't wait for the big reveal. Will catch it on the interweb.

Nina Simone is incredible

I came home last night and Nana was watching some really moving shit on You Tube.  It was various performances by Nina Simone.  We just sat there with tears in our eyes.  This is one of my favourite songs ever.  There wasn't much we could do with ourselves after.  It's 1976, she's in Montreux, Switzerland. She's drunk with anger.


Friday, February 24, 2012

What's cheap this week?

Boys, no need to gird your wallets!

What are you doing on Saturday Afternoon?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's going to be a busy weekend at 54 on 6th.  MeMeMe and Two are on sale from 9.30 - 15.00 then we help 100 ABC'ers Celebrate their 1st Birthday as we host Sound Garden #3 in our backyard.  The flyer says it all - Uju's and Beaucy are giving live performances and Ms Buttonz and Gaptooth Radio will be the day's DJ's.  And Nana and I are most excited to do Punch and Judy for the first time this year - we're making our Cape Vidal cocktail and we've been playing around with a new flavour: Gin.  Come taste it and let us know if we should quit our day jobs or not.  

We're also making gourmet burgers and yes, there will be a few veggie ones for the herbivores.  R50 and a can of food or any item you'd like to donate to a kid (book, clothing whatever) gets you in.  Kids pay R30 which includes a Hot dog and cooldrink.  See you there. 54 6th Street, Parkhurst, Jozi. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tanzanian Model Herieth Paul.  


The Fox Den

Not sure where I got this image but I've had it for a few weeks. It was good to run into these bitchez in my pics folder. 

Blog Crush (She's Back)

What joy this morning when I did my monthly check up on The Knight Cat, who suddenly disappeared in 2011 - and I realised she is back.  I really used to enjoy visiting this blog last year, mostly because you would always be guaranteed to find new pictures of Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung or the Olsens.  It was just an easy fashion fix. Welcome Back Cat. 

Today's Video - Sophia Coppola for Marni at H&M

It's a cool video but I swear the way everyone on the net's going banana's over it I expected a little more.  I like it though, it's true to her voyeurism. 

She looks really pretty #2

Model, Ajak Deng posted this pic of herself on Facebook yesterday.  She's at London Fashion Week. Adore her. 

how to cure a broken heart

Sunday, February 19, 2012

they look really cool

This too will be a regular feature on this blog. Pics of people from around the world, who I think look sharp. These three gentleman are Travis, Joshua and James from the wonderful Street Etiquette blog. Swoon. 


I have decided that this shall be a regular feature on this blog.  All images found on Svpply


Friday, February 17, 2012

I’ve had a lot of free time lately, something very strange to me because I’m usually chasing a deadline. I’ve watched a lot of films, read some books and have been making more friends, which after age 21 is not easy.  I’ve also been thinking about my blog.  It’s pretty disorganised, a clear reflection of my life, believe it or not and I like it for my life but not for my blog. So I’m working on a few ways to change it up a bit, give it a bit of a boost because because. I’m buying a camera this weekend so the days of life undocumented are thankfully coming to an end. Hey, have a good weeked. I’m going to see the Blk Jks and Shadowclub tonight at Bohemian and tomorrow I’ll be at the shop doing my favourite thing: hearing customers say ‘’thank you so much’’ as they walk away with their sale items. Adios. 


I don't know of one red blooded person who doesn't have, even a teeny weeny crush on Solange Knowles. She has a blog called My Damn Blog and it's full of beautiful photographs of her, her child and her travels. She's incredibly stylish.