Gill Scott-Heron

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They say most artists become more famous when they die, I think this will be the case for Gill Scott-Heron who died last week.  I didn't know much about his music and poetry but have heard other artists sampling his work. And I had to pay homage to this face, who could say no to this face. Rest in Peace man!

If God was one of us...

everybody would be dressed by Peter Jensen


mary-kate olsen via little plastic horses

Lingerie Love

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rose Smith for Fashion Gone Rogue - Loving the nose ring.

The fashion week that was!

It's exactly been a week since I last posted anything and initially I was like, ok cool I'm getting a little break from my third j.o.b so I didn't mind. But came Wednesday when I couldn't do it anymore because blogger was down, I almost had a breakdown when I was unable to "express myself"' per se.  But now it's back and here's what I was up to last week.

On Wednesday afternoon, a very excitable Sthandiwe Kgoroge and Simphiwe Dana came to Mememe after Simphiwe had been in a Fair Lady shoot in which an artist was paired with a designer and she wore Black Coffee.  They stayed until the shop closed and we even had a chance to have a glass of wine after.

The point of this picture was to showcase the beautiful aliceband that Simphiwe saw at the Two shop. 

Then Thursday night was very exciting, I was invited to an exhibition of Issey Miyake's origami inspired clothing (not even sure if one can call it clothing) - incredible pieces that looked like art works when displayed flat but once lifted and shaped, an intricate piece of art could transform into a delicate top, handbag or hat.  The exhibition was at David Krut Gallery and was hosted by Marie Claire magazine. 

In true Japanese style, guests were treated to delicious Sushi while we enjoyed the exhibition.  If you look closely at the beautiful pictures taken by Steve Tanchel, the model is wearing what is on the display table, so that's the transformation these intricately designed pieces make.  The proceeds for this exhibition will go to Tsunami victims so it's not just for the sake of it.  This theme is perfectly suited to Marie Claire's current issue, the Green Issue guest edited by Vivienne Westwood with Vanessa Paradis on the cover.   I'm a packaging freak so when I first saw this issue at the airport last week amongst all the others, the fact that it was in an envelope instead of the usual plastic cover, I was immediately drawn to it.

On the same evening, I attended an exhibition on South African Designer clothing and Architecture at Arts on Main.  This exhibition was organsied by a girl who is a full time lawyer by day and who was doing this as a passion project on the side.  She pulled it off beautifully, with pieces from some top South African designers such as David Tlale, Black Coffee, Abigail Betz and Two.  There wasn't much of an architecture aspect to the exhibition which was a little disappointing because the concept could be taken so far, but it was a well attended event and nobody was complaining about the free Grey Goose cocktails.

Fashion blogger and stylist, Thithi Ntetha on the right and her taller, younger sister. 
I'm not sure whose dress is whose because I didn't see any placards next to any of the exhibited dresses

Mac De Gorgeous
Tholi Tshabalala

The Oyster Box Hotel

Monday, May 23, 2011

The first thing we did when we got to Durban on Saturday was drop off our bags at the hotel.  Lucilla then said we should go to The Oyster Box Hotel for lunch. Little did I know that she was taking me to heaven on earth. Gosh, it's beautiful.  I was too shy to go to every single nook of the hotel because I was clearly the only one who had stars in my eyes for this place.  I also think this is where Agyness stayed when she was in Durban.

My perfect weekend!

Besides the fact that I got to be part of the 031 Collections presented by Mr Price, I had such a wonderful weekend filled with amazing conversations and laughs with some very special people.  On Friday afternoon, I was stuck in ANC inspired traffic in downtown Jozi after shooting a video for Clinique and their new foundation for black girls called Shades of Africa.  I was so stoked when they called asked me to be part of it (there are 10 other girls I think). It's going up sometime next week. Then Friday night, I had a beautiful "we-all-talk-too-much-and-it's-so-nice" dinner with my friend Sthandiwe and her husband Tony till very very late.

On Saturday I had to be up early for the airport and when I arrived in Durban, realised that it was going to be such a fun weekend when I bumped into new friends from Elle, Cleo, Seventeen, You and Heat magazine and old friends from True Love, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. I took some pictures that I'm sure some of them won't be impressed by but whatevs, I was so happy to see and meet some of these special women!

Getting my face did at Trigger for the Clinique Campaign

Sthandiwe pretending to be camera shy

Landing in Durban

The beautifl Carla from Cleo Mag
Can you guess which of South Africa's magazine editors I caught eating her yoghurt on her bags at the airport?
Lucilla Booysen getting off the plane
The Quarters Hotel
I'm a sucker for good sheets and hotels are my absolute favourite places!
I'm going to keep this waterbottle forever and ever! 

Belinda Morgan's range. I really liked the eastern influences in this collection.
Me, Robynne Kahn from Cosmopolitan and Zodwa Khumalo-Valentine at the after party
Melissa Maxted from Heat Magazine taking a pic of me taking a pic of her!
Khumo Moshimane of Mr Price
The photos became much blurrier after this. Me, Tarryn Oppel from You Magazine and Jeanine Jellars of Elle. It was so much fun going out with them, although I faded in the middle of it all.

It didn't end there. On Sunday morning, I had such a lovely breakfast with Jackie and Jeanine from Elle and Tarryn that we almost forgot we had to go back to Joburg and when I arrived in Joburg, stopped by to say hi to Celiwe at Main Street Life, only to land the hottest party on the rooftop! The camera had totally expired by the time I got to Joburg so I don't have pictures of this, although there's always next week. Apparently this is going to be a weekly party on the roof hosted by Pata-Pata.