Saturday, January 28, 2012

For no apparent reason (either than that she thought she ''ruweened'' my pants), my best friend and house mate Nana just bought me these beautiful roses and some wine and a handwritten letter! I have some really special relationships with some really special human beings. Nana, I don't know what I would do without you. After 25 months of living together, every time I open the door to our apartment, I have a feeling of ''Yes, I'm home''. Every time. Thank you my friend and yes, I am fully aware that this post is going to embarrass you. xxx

Come Back, Africa

My friend Celiwe sent this to me today. It's the trailer for the restored version of Lionel Rogosin's Come Back, Africa - a feature film released to the world in 1959/1960 about the life of black people during Apartheid in the 1950's.  They've done a brilliant job on the restoration.  I really can't wait to see this. The local re-release was meant to coincide with the ANC Centenary celebrations this month.  If anybody knows when and where this will be screened in SA, please shed some light.  


This is clearly my lucky week of discovering cool local blogs. This is the latest, a tumblr blog called I See A Different You. On the ''About'' section of the blog, it simply states: A trio collective from Soweto portraying South Africa as they see it''.  I think two of them are brothers because their names are Justice Mukheli and Innocent Mukheli, the third person is Vuyo Mpantsha. Whoever you are, you take really beautiful photographs.  The dimensions of my blog don't do the pics enough justice, you have to go to their site to see them properly.

the other talents of chloe sevigny

Chloe Sevigny's latest collection for Opening Ceremony. There is much more over here


This is what's cheap this week boys and girlfriends of boyfriends. I enjoy the look of this jersey. Go to for more dzeals. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I just found a left and a right reason to fall in love this Valentines Day. These shoes and the other adorable items they sent me will be in stores in February 2012. I am going to do a little shoot with the other stuff which will be on the Woolworths Facebook page next week.  


Last week I had this conversation with my BFF Sthandiwe.

Her: Babe, have you heard of this Thina Zibi girl?
Me: No, who is she? Is she from here?
Her: Yes, she's Xhosa.
Me: Ok what does she do?
Her: She takes amazing photographs. You muuuust go on her site mngan'wami.
Me: Ok, I will when I have time. Is she on Twitter?
Yes: Yes, it's @thinazibi
Me: How do you spell Thina?
Her: The Xhosa way. You'll love them'. You must follow her, don't forget.
Me: Ok, I won't.

And I forgot. Until  was on the net today and suddenly remembered it.  Thank you Stha.

I really have no business posting this right now because I have a 5pm deadline that I'm only halfway through. But I could not wait. I went on this website and man, this might just be the freshness that the local blogosphere needs.  I really like her work. The website is distilled and is just about the images, whose scale and intimacy gives them something that I very much like.  Not quite sure what it is.

I recommend you pay her website a visit


This was the only thing I really wanted for Christmas. I didn't get it and was going to buy it for myself at the end of this month but I was visited by a little angel last week.  My friend, Penelope is visiting from London and when we met for lunch last Sunday, she was carrying an unnecessarily big bag with a big box inside. When we sat down for lunch, she handed the faded green fabric bag with the box to me and said, here you go Mils, it's your Christmas present. She is a gift freak since I've known her so I knew it was going to be something special but not this special.  

When I unwrapped the Christmas wrapping, I was assaulted by a bright gold shining light.  The light of reason in my world.  And three little words that made me very happy. Daisy. Marc. Jacobs. It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you my friend. I love you. As if that wasn't enough showering of love, she then proceeded with the following words:  ''Ok Mils, now it's time to go down the list of reasons for why you are so awesome''.  I said many a ''No please let's not''.  But actually I was very happy that I have such a friend in my life.  

The good old days

I'm posting this for my own selfish reasons.  It has no relevance to any event in my life or the world right now. I just missed the good old days when your favourite show was still good and your favourite musician just happened to sing the opening sequence song.  

wouldn't mind climbing onto these

I saw these Zoom Shoes on 36 Boutiques last week. I am rhalaring for a new pair of day heels.  These are adorable.  Click on Zoom or 36 Boutiques for morrrree.

A day without me

This cucumber cool shoot appeared in last month's issue of Marie Claire South Africa (not in this crazy order but it was either symmetry or synergy and symmetry won).  It was shot by Brett Rubin and Styled by Nicole van Heerden.  This model is 16. We love.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The other day when I was feeling really shit about not being able to save the life of a dying baby bird that I found in Rosebank Mall, I bought the Elle Magazine because I just could not not with Michelle Williams looking amazing on the cover. But I failed to realise one crucial thing about the particular issue when I bought it: It was all about Valentines Day and Love kwatsha kwacima...and... People in Love and Love songs blah blah fish paste. So I prolonged opening it and instead spent the first 24 hours looking at the cover.  

I am not in love and don't have a boyfriend so when I finally opened it, I was like...MMMM Let's go directly to the fashion. Boy was that a good move. I flipped open to this very shoot and voila, I was taken away on a magic bed of flowers and butterflies that made me forget all about my shoddy day.  This is a really beautiful shoot.  The concept, the fact that it's done in studio with amazing printed fabrics and of course, the clothing. I love this wall to wall flower trend. Well done to the lady responsible, Asanda Sizani who is Elle's Fashion Editor.  Get the mag and go on the site to find out what happened behind the scenes.  The butterflies are real by the way. Have a floral weekend. 


I feel a little bad for the previous post which leaves boys out, so hopefully this will make you feel better momentarily! Some chip chip tops!