Nina Nolte

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know when you have no words? She is a truly talented German painter named Nina Nolte. Visit her website, or Germany, to see more of these beautiful poolside paintings in a series titled The Best is Yet to Come

One Reason to go to Cape Town this holiday: Ida Elsje

She is such a nice lady and she makes the most beautiful things. Hers was my favourite jewellery at the Tinsel stand at Food Wine Design. I got these pics from Pop Ya Collar, taken earlier this year at Cape Town Fashion Week when she did a collaboration with David West. The last time I checked, she co-owed the beautiful Olive Green Cat store with jewellery Phillipa Green and Situ Diamond Jewellers.

Bruna N'Diaye

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this beautiful 21 year old Senegalese model who made a mark on Italy's Next Top Model this year! I found these pictures on the Benneton's It's My Time casting website. She's just landed herself a playboy shoot.  Saw it on 2 Oceans Vibe

All I want for Christmas

Not that I really believe in the bells and whistles attached to the holiday, but I do like to participate in the whole giving thing.  But the purpose of this post is not to express my desires to give. Not yet. I want to get. This is my list of five:

1. A bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 
He had me at the packaging.  I can't stop thinking about you baby. I saw a package including shower gel and body lotion at Edgars for R750

2. New African Fashion
The book by Arise Magazine editor Helen Jennings on African Fashion featuring the best designers, models and creatives from the continent, R306 from I've only seen a few images about it, didn't even get the press release which is quite strange since this is a bit of a big deal. I did however, find out about it in UK Vogue's October issue.  I'm very curious about what's inside these pages. Jennings is actually giving a talk at the New York Public Library today and she'll be joined by designers Mimi Plange, Mataano and my two-night-stand of a BFF Enyinne Owunwane of Heritage 1960.   

And look who The Pop found splattered all over the pages inside :-) The Smarteez

3. Mingo Lamberti Cushions, R450 
 These are to cry for. I saw them at Food Wine Design on Friday night and I just couldn't.  It's a pity there aren't bigger images, but you can see more on their very cool website 

4. Anything to do with Little Dragon. 
I've been overplaying their first album. Their new album Ritual Union, less than R200 if it ever gets here, is out. But I also wouldn't mind their second one. Or to be friends with them. 

5. An iPhone 4s 
 I won't put a picture of this up because that seems retarded.  I'm so sick of my (won't mention names) free phone.  I'm already buying myself so many end of year gifts (such as redoing my bedroom), it would be so nice if I had a man who would just say ''Don't worry baby, I got it''. Urgh, I don't expect anybody to spend R8000 on me so I shall see visit the iStore on Sunday to see if I can get this. 

Oh So Cheap

Friday, November 25, 2011

for more cheap stuff for men, visit the Oh So Cheap website

Sound Garden #2 - 26 NOVEMBER 2011

If tomorrow's Sound Garden party at 54 on Sixth (The home of Mememe and Two) is anything like the last one, we best prepare ourselves for a very good afternoon and evening. Sound Garden is a monthly party that 54 on 6th started hosting last month. It's an initiative run by 100 ABC'ers, an organisation that raises funds for various charities including children's homes and primary schools. The last party raised money for a vegetable garden for a school in Soshanguve and tomorrow's will benefit Stanza Bopape School's playground refurbishment. R50 and a can of food gets you in. Here's all the entertainment you are in for: 

DJ Salty Nuts 
DJ Satori - this one prevented us from leaving the last time, the music was so good!
The Fridge (Live) - You do not wanna miss these guys!
Guest Comedian 

Sound Garden starts at 3pm - 8pm and you're welcome to bring your kids around for a swim and some good clean fun.  We will be selling delicious food as well as cooldrinks, beers, sparkling wine and cocktails from Punch and Judy. Don't forget your canned food - all cans will be distributed to the beneficiaries of 100 ABC'ers club! Here's some of what happened last time. 

The address is 54 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.  For more information please call 011 447 1497 or email


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tonight I'm going to a party! Ching Ching! It's a pre-party to the Sansui Summer Cup, a horse racing event that's going to be held on Saturday.  People don't horse around when it comes to looking good for the Met and Durban July so I'm sure there are going to be some serious fashion showdowns tonight. Bring it on bitchez, I am being dressed by Marion and Lindie. Danica Lepen is doing some really beautiful work as head designer there! She just came to drop off my outfit. How many reasons does one need to toast to oneself in the middle of the afternoon?

You can't see this mesh oversize shirt properly but I had a fitting yesterday and it is HEAVENLY! It's coming out in March Next year at Marion and Lindie and it's right, left and center up my alley! 

For my undergarments, I am wearing the following, which by the way came in this bag. 

At the crucial point of seeing this, I was like, I don't think it's necessary to open it. I could just wear the bag under the shirt. 

But now what does one do when they find their most coveted item for summer in the bag? This bra top by Black Coffee is insane. It's from Danica's personal wardrobe so it's a much appreciated borrowed item. 

Hayi man, there is not one, but TWOOOOO bra tops. And this one is a one shoulder... 

By Alexander who? Does that say Alexander Wang? Are you joking? 

So which shall I wear with my Jane Sews leather skirt from Mememe? I was thinking of going to buy some studded heels this afternoon but the rain got in the way, so I shall have to walk in my Luella cloggs tonight. They will still look good.

Oh, by the way, the dress code for tonight is pink.  Unfortunately it's not my colour, I'm more of a black girl, especially because it's Black November in South Africa after that Protection of Information Bill was passed yesterday.  My pink item will be my YSL bright pink lipstick and some pink nails complements of Nana's nail polish library. 

Twin peaks!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I know this pain. Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?
No one can change your life except for you. 
Don't ever let anyone step all over you.
Just open your heart and your mind.
Is it really fair to feel this way inside?

Dun dun dun dun............drumroll

Someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around make say goodbye-eye
Until then baby, are you gonna let them hold you down and make you cry?
Don't you know? Don't you know, things can change?
Things will go your way... if you hold on for one day. 
Can you ooohold oh, for one more day, 
Things will go your way!
Hold on for one more day!

Sorry. I had to :-) Their reunion at the end of Bridesmaids was undoubtedly my favourite part of that movie. I have also realised that this kind of music is a perfect combination of the kind of person I am.  Deep when I need to be but cheesy when it counts.The lyrics are all deep and meaningful and relevant to the way people feel generally but with a really poppy and cheesy twist. I particularly enjoy the lame scenery and exaggerated facial expressions, the dramatic neck twists and clenched fist arm jerk movements in this video. 


I am meant to be up working but instead I have been editing Wikipedia pages about The Xhosa People. I don't know how I got to Wilson Phillips fan page but I couldn't help it. I used to looooooove these girls in the 90s. Release Me was right up there with Hold On. I actually forgot the name of the band until Nana reminded me on Sunday.

MeMeMe Joburg: Clothing Store Manager position available.

Monday, November 21, 2011

We are looking for a female Store Manager for MeMeMe Joburg, somebody who can be a part time assistant to the store owner.  A person under the age of 30 with a keen interest in South African clothing design would be most suitable.  We are not looking for someone who has interests in other industries, but just needs a job for the meantime.  We need somebody that is going to grow with the business.  The following is required from the ideal candidate:

  • Good customer relation skills
  • Sales experience
  • An understanding of retail practice
  • An understanding and interaction with Social Media
  • Excellent administration skills
  • A driver’s licence and a car (optional)

The salary is negotiable and the job comes with benefits.

Please take note that there will be a trial period of two months in  which a basic salary will be paid to the selected candidate.

All CV’s (with full names, contact details and required information) to be e-mailed to: before Wednesday 30 November.  The position is available from January 2012 but a two week training period during December 2011 is required.

Contact shop: 011 447 1497

Stop it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Live your life

Saturday, November 19, 2011


This video made me cry. Not sure how I came about it because I don't own any music by Beyonce although I admire her and love her dearly! This is the next level of music video. Man she's just made me want to get up and be great.

Milk Teeth

Cute name = cute clothes. Well at least in this case.  I have some friends who dress really well, such as Nicole van Heerden and Sarah Badat but whenever I see them looking good, which is always, we hardly get to talking about where exactly they acquire their feshins from.  It turns out these bitchez have been secretly shopping from a girl called QZ (pronounced queue--zee) and her pop up by appointment only ''shop'' called Milk Teeth.  She imports the clothes from around the world, mostly Hong Kong I think, brings them to Jozi, takes cool pics of cool people in them and posts it on the Facebook Page. I am yet to see her popular collections but because I am a loving human being, I shall talk about them anyway. QZ if you are reading this, I saw you at Nicole's birthday party and was about to introduce myself but I felt like shit when I saw your apple green Celine handbag. Click here to view the Milk Teeth Facebook page.

She also has some insane accessories and shoes.  Madness I tell you. The hotstuff in the pictures: Sarah Badat, Nicole van Heerden and Jessica Sutherland.