I'm back bitchez!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello friends,

After four weeks of blogorexia nervosa, I am happy to report that I have replenished the soul stocks. I am better now.  

And I have a new look :-) I hope you like.  I do.  It’s different from the pastel cutesy ice-cream aesthetic one finds on many a blog these days.  Although, admittedly, I wanted to go for that look in the beginning but I realised I need to consider who I am and I am not girl next door! Thank you to my friends Jana and Koos for hooking it up for me.  They are on a multi city roadtrip and they probably did this from the backseat of Jana’s car, thanks you guys.

I didn’t solve any grand life problems while I was away, but I can say I got to like myself a little more than I did before. I made some very nice new friends, discovered some new music, did a bit of local travelling, ate better, went to art exhibitions, changed my bedroom around and generally enjoyed being a little bored.  I did a lot of personal and work writing and it’s evident in my actions that I did indeed need to take a giant mental shit.

On Sunday  I started Kundalini Yoga, very very much up my alley – not too strenuous on the body and ego.  It is a really good balance of a physical work out and a spiritual ‘’visit’’ for lack of a better word.  It’s like an appointment with yourself where you sit and breathe and meditate on nourishing yourself for 90 minutes.  But now my body is sore, which I guess is a good sign, besides, I feel stronger on the inside.  Oh and I discovered Mad Men.  I know it’s like 11 years later. My friend Marion insisted Nana and I get it and no matter how late it is, we watch an episode or three a day.  I even dreamt I was Betty’s black friend.  The clothes yoyoyoyoyo! Don Draper eeeeeeek! We just started season four and it has emerged that my favourite characters are Roger Sterling, Peter Campbell and Peggy Olson! I just like those three individuals portray their characters, oh and Sally Draper.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, sorry but if you do, feel free to start a geeky dialogue!  I generally tried to stay away from fashion events so I didn’t really attend fashion week or go to any store launches! Because whenever I’m not involved, I have severe fomo.   So am very happy to be back. 

This week Zara launches in South Africa.  Johannesburg to be exact and I’m kinda shaking in my boots for Mememe.  I mean we’re not even on the same level but still, I can’t help but worry that a small chunk of our business will find green Spanish pastures.  Who am I kidding, I’ll be buying stuff at the launch on Thursday.  There’s a new mall (as if we need another) launching in Sandton, that’s where Zara will be and apparently a new cool Mr Price store!  I will let you know what else is there when I go  on the 9th
I don’t wanna make this long and sour so I shall wish you all a happy week and thank you for your patience and understanding.  And to those who wished me well, I am truly grateful.
p.s I have ordained myself the 1st Princess of feshin! I wish I could change my twitter account to @1stPrincess.

Oh, I also have a new feature on the blog, For the Boyz, in which my friend Johann ''Jay Louw'' Buitendag will feature some cheap men's items he finds around town. The feature is called OhSoCheap and it will happen once a week on Fridays! I just love it! Look out for it on Friday!

Love Miss Mil!


Arty Mgudlwa said...

welcome back, totally love the new look.

CityGirl said...

Welcome back Pricess of Feshin :) Love the new look, very glad to hear that your feeling rested and ready to take on the world again! :)

Judy Marian Wilson said...

In the famous words of Mase: 'Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

MilkshakeCity said...

Nyc one. Welcome back

Thando said...

1st Princess is better than the Queen! <>

Vuyo said...

welcome back my sweetheart...all the way from the US of A...PS: I've fallen inlove with Oxford...

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the 1st princess of feshin!! You are back!!! x

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Hooray indeed! I really missed it and thank you guys so much for your supports.

xoxo 1stPrincess

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