Milk Teeth

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cute name = cute clothes. Well at least in this case.  I have some friends who dress really well, such as Nicole van Heerden and Sarah Badat but whenever I see them looking good, which is always, we hardly get to talking about where exactly they acquire their feshins from.  It turns out these bitchez have been secretly shopping from a girl called QZ (pronounced queue--zee) and her pop up by appointment only ''shop'' called Milk Teeth.  She imports the clothes from around the world, mostly Hong Kong I think, brings them to Jozi, takes cool pics of cool people in them and posts it on the Facebook Page. I am yet to see her popular collections but because I am a loving human being, I shall talk about them anyway. QZ if you are reading this, I saw you at Nicole's birthday party and was about to introduce myself but I felt like shit when I saw your apple green Celine handbag. Click here to view the Milk Teeth Facebook page.

She also has some insane accessories and shoes.  Madness I tell you. The hotstuff in the pictures: Sarah Badat, Nicole van Heerden and Jessica Sutherland.


Qz said...

so super cool!! why didn't you come say hi?! i don usually bite..hahaha let's have tea!!

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Cool, let's have tea :-) Wednesday or Thursday?

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