All I want for Christmas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not that I really believe in the bells and whistles attached to the holiday, but I do like to participate in the whole giving thing.  But the purpose of this post is not to express my desires to give. Not yet. I want to get. This is my list of five:

1. A bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 
He had me at the packaging.  I can't stop thinking about you baby. I saw a package including shower gel and body lotion at Edgars for R750

2. New African Fashion
The book by Arise Magazine editor Helen Jennings on African Fashion featuring the best designers, models and creatives from the continent, R306 from I've only seen a few images about it, didn't even get the press release which is quite strange since this is a bit of a big deal. I did however, find out about it in UK Vogue's October issue.  I'm very curious about what's inside these pages. Jennings is actually giving a talk at the New York Public Library today and she'll be joined by designers Mimi Plange, Mataano and my two-night-stand of a BFF Enyinne Owunwane of Heritage 1960.   

And look who The Pop found splattered all over the pages inside :-) The Smarteez

3. Mingo Lamberti Cushions, R450 
 These are to cry for. I saw them at Food Wine Design on Friday night and I just couldn't.  It's a pity there aren't bigger images, but you can see more on their very cool website 

4. Anything to do with Little Dragon. 
I've been overplaying their first album. Their new album Ritual Union, less than R200 if it ever gets here, is out. But I also wouldn't mind their second one. Or to be friends with them. 

5. An iPhone 4s 
 I won't put a picture of this up because that seems retarded.  I'm so sick of my (won't mention names) free phone.  I'm already buying myself so many end of year gifts (such as redoing my bedroom), it would be so nice if I had a man who would just say ''Don't worry baby, I got it''. Urgh, I don't expect anybody to spend R8000 on me so I shall see visit the iStore on Sunday to see if I can get this. 


Vuyo said...

*clearsthroat*...this is a huge hint babe...will circulate to the rest of the clan, I'm sure we can do something, especially the :)

Milisuthando Bongela said...

HAHAHA I knew you would read this and think I mean that you guys must get me this stuffl. Well ha, yes indeed that is my wish but it's not serious man. :-)

Unknown said...

Marc Jacobs perfume packaging is the shit! I have kept two boxes and their bottles, one bottle is black with a gold daisy cap and one is clear with a rubber daisy cap. The smell is oh so fresh! LOVE!

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