Friday, December 4, 2009

Sometimes I love so much that it borders on hatred!

The Olsen's style is depressingly great!

I love Paul Smith and everything he represents!

Need I say more? Rats!

Annie captures Cate!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She's sublime in every way imaginable! This is from the latest

Luuuuurrrving Elle SA

Has anybody actually acknowledged how Jackie Burger totally elevated Elle officially! I love the mag, especially when I'm in! Check out the latest issue with a thinner Lily Allen, photographed by Karl Largerfeld. I've respected but never really bought into Karl's whole thing! He just strikes me as soooo shallow! Anyway, they've done a beautiful shoot! I did a party story for Elle, they made me a contributor and they also went into my closet for this issue. Sweet!

Some room for charity

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This morning, I'm going to a volunteer training programme at Cotlands Baby Centre. Basically, I'm going to learn what it takes to become a volunteer so I can become a regular helper at the centre. I love babies and and I especially love spending time and giving love to babies who don't get it as much as other kids. Hope it goes well. Then I'm off to Queen Street in Kensington to see if I can buy some furniture for me home! Happy Saturday. Will post some pics if I find anything cool. x

More wall paper ideas

I showed Sara Callow, my colleague, the cool pics of the stuff I'd like to add to my customised digital wallpaper and she sent me a few cool pictures of wallpapers for inspirasieeee. Check these out...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

OMG These Kids...Londoners, so cute!

Scott Schuman, The Satorialist and other image makers have collaborated with Burberry to document people wearing their Burberry Trench. They are some really great pictures here and what's nice about it is that it's a global campaign where anybody can submit pics of themselves wearing their BBerry Trench. I've got a pink one! But it's not Burberry.

This picture was taken in Paris as part of the campaign. Makes me wanna dress up all the time.

OMG check out the Satorialist's page about TRENCHES
I'm gonna meet this guy when I go to NY
His name is Adam and he's my friend, Anokhi's friend who makes these handbags.
We drove past Latinova in Rosebank last this is what the excitement was about

The very first Feather Awards celebrating local celebrity culture. It's Homos honouring local celebs for things you don't really need to have talent for, but hey. It's start. Read up about it on
If I had things my way, joburg shops would stay open till midnite. It really sucks that I can't go and buy a camera, shoes, white side-plates, hodge-podge, ceramic paint and a table right now. I would love to get in my car and go to a place that stays open till midnite where I could buy all these things. I think I'm going to watch a movie and then work, since I got off early today. But I'm too lazy to go to the dvd shop so I'll probably end up watching family guy!
http://www.theselby.comI really like this site. Especially because it leads to other sites I love
So I'm decorating my new apartment, a really lovely space in Illovo and I've been looking at a lot of magazines and places of interest for inspiration.

I really like the work Jo and Amber at Mr Price do. Here's a link to their site where I find a lot of cool things

So I'm making wallpaper for my bedroom and I'm gonna get some very clever person to print these and many more images that I like onto a background and make some wallpaper. Got the idea from Dion Chang's office. He's got one side of the wall covered in wall paper which is a huge picture of a forest in Spain. It's a photograph by Chris Saunders and it's beautiful. I'll post some of his work on here.