Gaga Love

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I need to own that Gagapalooza T-shirt. She had them made when she performed at Lolapalooza this year. I think she's above the music, she's like gravity. She's going to be at all the Madamme Tussauds museums around the world, a feat only she has achieved, and she plans to have an exhibition at The Louvre. Of course she has.

My phone number

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shit, I just realised the number on the Pulchritude E-Vite is some completely RANDOM number not even close to mine. Haha. Mine is 076 568 5621 so call me if you have any questions about the event. Like where it is and like, what's the maximum a person can spend :-)

PPPPPulchritude PPPPPPulchritude (in the pokerface beat)

The Launch that is.

I sssssseriously need to stop gushing about my friend, but what the hell are blogs for if we can't practice legitimate nepotism??? Firstly, I've just come back to life from last night's "o*v*e*r*h*a*n*g" from the My London Shopper Launch that was at The 12 Decades Art Hotel at Main Street Life. What a fantastic event, full of beautiful clothes and even more beautiful (black) people. I have to say black because it's very rare to have only two white people at such a chic event (dankie Jenny Andrew and Melissa Maxted). Anyway, be it South Africa, it's not about race. This event was about the clothes. Sindiso Khumalo, who is a Central St Martins graduate is taking a few South African designers to London through her online shop. These include Black Coffee and two new labels I had NO idea about - Selfi and a beautiful Cape Town based menswear label called Simon Deporres and Canadian label called Norwegian Wood. It's kind of Pulchritude on the next level - internationaaal. Her website has just had a makeover and it's growing slowly so if you can, pay it a visit and support South Africans doing wonderful things. Here are some pictures from last night. I especially loved Sindi's Vivienne Westwoodesque outfit and Vie in the Norwegian Wood top (I kept asking her to shake her boobs all night cos of the tassles on the top)and ORATILE SEABELA - that stylish little monster XOXOXO. Well done also to Miss Thithi for doing the PR. You guys are re-making up the heart of South African fashion. xxoxoxo

This last pic is of one of the 12 Decades Rooms. Amazing.

Whipping Pastry

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows that I would probably never wear these shoes but I just adore them. I like Angela and Vanessa Simmonds and think that it's so cool that one day they thought, let's start a shoe brand! Talk about using your inherited celebrity well. Do we have Pastry in SA? Mmmmm Miss Palesa Style Idol Mjali is going to New York in a few weeks. For $25 a pair, I think that it's worth giving her some money cos one of these would be a nice gift for a little sneaker monster that I know. I also love the cakey names for each pair.

Fabulous Pheobe

Monday, August 23, 2010

I saw these pics on today - Jak either went searching for people with the latest Celine treats designed by the amazing Pheobe Philo; or Pheobe has a lot of fans. He called them Philophites. Sweet. I'm glad the accessories supplier market is growing locally.

Better than pudding

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I don't know why I haven't featured Malva on my blog yet. Malva is a really beautiful concept shop at the bottom on Main Street Life at 286 Fox Street in the Maboneng Precinct, Jozi. I don't need to gush about how cool Main Street Life is (Independent cinema, rooftop, 12 Decades, arts on main 1 min away, the apartments etc etc and this shop definitely adds to the cool factor. It's an art and decor store, designer emporium, cupcake factory, they have mini a theatre space and I O.D'd on the Vovotelo Sandwiches they stock there the other day. I was there to drop off Doreen Southwood's clothes, which as of last Thursday, are officially stocked there. They also stock Two, Michel Ludek, August and Blue Collar, White Collar amongst other SA Designers. Their winter sale starts Monday. You have been warned.

Remember, remember the 4th of September

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm busy putting together the list of designers for the next Pulchritude Sale on Saturday 4 September (and if one more person says they can't pronounce the name - learn it honey. PULK-RI-TUDE, it ain't going nowhere) and it's looking really good. I'm very excited about bringing in a designer from East London - a loverly girl I went to school with from Std 3 to matric, Kim Kearney and her Kimbo range. I wasn't surprised when I saw just how adorable her stuff is because she was always the really well dressed girl at school. school. Doing things like this really makes me grateful for doing what I do. Here are some of her goodies for summer:

And yes, some of these are going to be at Pulchritude 3 along with the following if all goes according to plan: Mantsho, Two, Christopher Strong, Take Care and For the Love of. Crossing legs that it'll all work out. When I've figured it out, I will introduce a polling system to the blog where people who have attended the sale tell me which are their fav designers. I'd still love some suggestions on who else to include in the sales.

Dear Thula Sindi

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Thula Sindi

I tried to find and follow you on Twitter today but I got a message saying you have blocked me. I have never been blocked and it doesn't feel good. I guess it's because of what I said about you on my blog when I was angry a few weeks ago. I don't know you, I don't know your business and you've never done anything to me. I'm putting this here because I said mean things about you here. Since I can't send you a direct message for your personal email address, I hope you take this heartfelt public apology seriously. I've seen your clothes at the wardrobe and think they are beautiful. Just wanted to say that. Peace.


Special Mention

Monday, August 16, 2010

Suzaan Heyns and Coppelia's latest summer collections are beautiful. I will post pictures when I'm not so tired.

This is an extreme treat

Two Words. Hedi Slimane. Die bitches.

Bright Young Friends

In the priceless words and accent of one creepy Meg Griffin, "It's been a rrrrWhile".
I've been busy but also taking a lot of time out to chill, sleep, couch cuddle and exercise. I won't make this long. Just wanna fill you in on what I'm loving these days.

Bright Young Things like Sindiso Kumalo (I gushed about her last week) and the My London Shopper invite I got via Miss Thithi this morning. It's a (prive - is that Private in French - well if it's not, it is for today) launch happening at Main Street Life next week. And I can't wait to see the new designers Sindi is taking to London. Little birdy told me the now one member Black Coffee is part of it. How cute are these images from Bright Young Things?

Then! I'm so proud of my dear friend Doreen Southwood and her new collection showed at Cape Town You Know What last week! I'm so proud of you liefie. Dit is baie baie mooideling! Here are my fav four from the "I just love being a girl collection". Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon.

I'm planning the next Pulchritude and it's hard when I can't nip over to Wolves for a cupcake - I'm off sweets and things that make life better until I shave off a few kilos for summer time. I think it's going to be on 4 September and I'm going to try and get a few newbies to join me. Talented newbies. I discovered "For the love of Flo" this weekend at The Street in Greenside. If you are from For the Love of and are reading this, expect me to contact you asap. While I was there I bought a few cool t-shirts and a lovely cobault blue skirt from Maria and a nice top from a girl I've been bumping into for the past couple of months. Her name is Eve and I hear she's got quite the voice. She sold me a stunning fuchsia silk shirt. Can't wait to wear either. I don't like taking pics of myself and posting my outfits.

Images from and

Looking Shady

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of the things I love about blogging is that I can post all those things that would have been considered "too out there" and too fashiony when I was working in magazines. How cute are allllll of these? Discovered via via on this website (where you can buy them) called