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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I sssssseriously need to stop gushing about my friend, but what the hell are blogs for if we can't practice legitimate nepotism??? Firstly, I've just come back to life from last night's "o*v*e*r*h*a*n*g" from the My London Shopper Launch that was at The 12 Decades Art Hotel at Main Street Life. What a fantastic event, full of beautiful clothes and even more beautiful (black) people. I have to say black because it's very rare to have only two white people at such a chic event (dankie Jenny Andrew and Melissa Maxted). Anyway, be it South Africa, it's not about race. This event was about the clothes. Sindiso Khumalo, who is a Central St Martins graduate is taking a few South African designers to London through her online shop. These include Black Coffee and two new labels I had NO idea about - Selfi and a beautiful Cape Town based menswear label called Simon Deporres and Canadian label called Norwegian Wood. It's kind of Pulchritude on the next level - internationaaal. Her website has just had a makeover and it's growing slowly so if you can, pay it a visit and support South Africans doing wonderful things. Here are some pictures from last night. I especially loved Sindi's Vivienne Westwoodesque outfit and Vie in the Norwegian Wood top (I kept asking her to shake her boobs all night cos of the tassles on the top)and ORATILE SEABELA - that stylish little monster XOXOXO. Well done also to Miss Thithi for doing the PR. You guys are re-making up the heart of South African fashion. xxoxoxo

This last pic is of one of the 12 Decades Rooms. Amazing.


Thithi said...

Thank you Milli! You are phenomenal and we need to talk some more because what you are saying at the end about re-making the heart of South African fashion is something I have been thinking about for a while now! Thank you for everything. You beautiful calmness was so needed yesterday xx... three words lady: Christopher Strong pants

Milisuthando Bongela said...

LOL teets you're killing me. I'll try my best to get the pants but if not, promise there won't be any weirdness??? You too are phenomenal babe. When the time is right and the universe allows, we will sit

mylondonshopper said...

Can't thank you enough. You are such light! In the words of Vivienne Westwood "Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well."

Thank you. I love what you're doing. Pulchritude, the blog, all of it. Gorgeous. Keep doing it....Well. x x x x x x

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