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Monday, August 16, 2010

In the priceless words and accent of one creepy Meg Griffin, "It's been a rrrrWhile".
I've been busy but also taking a lot of time out to chill, sleep, couch cuddle and exercise. I won't make this long. Just wanna fill you in on what I'm loving these days.

Bright Young Things like Sindiso Kumalo (I gushed about her last week) and the My London Shopper invite I got via Miss Thithi this morning. It's a (prive - is that Private in French - well if it's not, it is for today) launch happening at Main Street Life next week. And I can't wait to see the new designers Sindi is taking to London. Little birdy told me the now one member Black Coffee is part of it. How cute are these images from Bright Young Things?

Then! I'm so proud of my dear friend Doreen Southwood and her new collection showed at Cape Town You Know What last week! I'm so proud of you liefie. Dit is baie baie mooideling! Here are my fav four from the "I just love being a girl collection". Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon.

I'm planning the next Pulchritude and it's hard when I can't nip over to Wolves for a cupcake - I'm off sweets and things that make life better until I shave off a few kilos for summer time. I think it's going to be on 4 September and I'm going to try and get a few newbies to join me. Talented newbies. I discovered "For the love of Flo" this weekend at The Street in Greenside. If you are from For the Love of and are reading this, expect me to contact you asap. While I was there I bought a few cool t-shirts and a lovely cobault blue skirt from Maria and a nice top from a girl I've been bumping into for the past couple of months. Her name is Eve and I hear she's got quite the voice. She sold me a stunning fuchsia silk shirt. Can't wait to wear either. I don't like taking pics of myself and posting my outfits.

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