Brain Jam

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a certain vacuous feeling in the air about fashion of late. I don't know if I'm the only one that's feeling it, but I'm feeling it. I think we're not far from reaching the tipping point - a point where we have seen everything there is to see, explored every idea there is to explore, a point where we will tire of the way things are and have been for the past couple of years. Less and less fashion images/collections are able to speak to me, but thank God there are still some. I'm at a point where I need to see things that speak to me, or at least things that say something for me to think about. I think this picture qualifies.

This is fashion that makes you think. This is a picture of Lady Gaga (they say, I'm not really sure but if it is, I'll be happy) for the September issue of Japanese Vogue Hommes. There's no contextualisation that came with the picture, which kind of leaves it to the imagination...for now. To me this picture is very interesting (especially in light of the very interesting conversation I had with Erica de Greef this afternoon). This is a female whose taken on the persona of the man some people have claimed she is, thus taking the piss. This speaks of the role fashion is playing in blurring gender identity, which is nothing new, but the fact that this is a very mainstream celebrity is something novel. She's a white, female, mainstream celebrity appearing in a men's magazine. What does this say of fashion's place in a post race, post gender, post sexuality, post fashion world? She's shocked us to a point where we know what to expect from her, we are delighted at her gimmicks, but we are not shocked. That's what I mean when I say post fashion. She's wearing the simplest, most basic garb for men, and still she's making a statement. It's kind of like she's got to a point where she herself is bored with the OTT dressing up, that she's dived off the tipping point into the next phase for humanity.
Post race - Japanes Vogue doesn't want to limit itself to portraying images and content about and for Japanese men. I think race will mean shit in the future. Think of Branjelina's family and the millions of others like it.
Post gender - femininity and masculinity have changed meaning from past times. I imagine two heterosexual lovers that live up to every gender stereotype about each other, running towards each other in a field of flowers in slow motion, then fucking each other over and under - until they are one. Until they are Androgynous.
Post sexuality - it's starting to happen in the top echelons of society - being a homo, a hetero, bi or transsexual (or transformer as I've heard some of them say) is nothing special as people settle downs and get used to homos being their homies.
This made me think, and I hope it will make you think too. We need to embrace things that make us think because of the cognitive fatigue that's currently killing us all thanks to the internet and cellphones. Anyway, I'm off to dinner at Canteen. Laters!


Monday, June 28, 2010

This week is the inaugural Africa Fashion Week and I'm wondering a few things about it, mostly, whether there will be another one next year when there is no world cup. I've grown to like David Tlale and today I got an invitation to go to a show at 23h30 for midnight on Thursday. This better be some gimmick with something to do with nocturnal forces like vampires or owls because if it's bikinis and stuff that I've seen before, I'll be very cross and being cross is not in my agenda this week, I'm trying to be a good person. I speak as if I'm going. I don't know Dave, midnight? Unless we were having some sort of very special all night fashion extravaganza that was shared with other events, I would consider it. Are we going to have to go and come back to your show in the deep night? Call me a square but I'm a little ants in my pants about this one. Give me a reason, and if it's good enough, I'll go.

Love, Tee and Whiskey

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm so heppy! Today I had to interview the guys from Ceramic Matters (if you don't know them, imagine theeeee most delicate and beautiful ceramic still haven't captured their talent) for Visi and it was a lovely interview in a beautiful house with really beautiful ornaments and even the dogs! I was dzying to take pictures but that would have been rude. At the end of the very pleasant hour, they gave me a ceramic heart. For love! And I showed them my heart tattoo and we all laughed and I held my heart close to me all the way home. Tomorrow I'm interviewing Mbongeni Buthelezi. I wonder if he's gonna give me a painting. Just putting it out there!

Then I got home and effed around on Facebook (as if I have the time) and I finally saw something about the local label Tee and Whiskey. I've only heard about it from a fellow fashionista, Vee ( and today I finally saw it for my self. What a cute and lovely discovery. They are a fashion brand that makes clothes, shoes and accessories for girls by night...i.e. I take it they have other jobs. Bianca Miles Jordaan is one half and Jana (not sure of the surname) is the other half and they have a blog as lovely as their clothes. They are at the new Malva store at Arts on Main and have other stockists around Joburg. Hopefully I can fish me some of their clothes for Pulchritude's next sale towards the end of July!

Their blog is

p.s. Hello boy to the new boy followers.

Money or the (shoe)Box?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today I got a call from a local shoe shop, an enourmous local shoe shop with little shoe shops all over the cowntry and they asked me if I would be interested in writing blogs for them. WHAAAAAT??? I stayed calm and said...maybe, what does it involve? The girl explained what it would involve and they can either pay me in shoes or in cash. Now this presents a serious dilems for me because I'm a freelance writer and I basically can't afford to say no to any rands and cents growing on my little shrub! But WHY would I not want a free pair of shoes after every blog update or month? Please help me guys (the problems of a fashionista mwahahah). Should I take the cash or the shoebox? If there are more of $ signs then I have to take the cash, but the more S signs I get, it's the shoes! And I might give a pair away to a reader each month. Let me think of a reason. Yelp!

That's the only reason I've posted pics of these delicious shoes that were teleported to me by Tommy Ton. My soles have never been so touched! I would commit blue and white collar crime repeatedly to get my hands on these DSquared Spine Heels (pic1). I spotted them on and now they are on Tommy's too. I love Nicholas Kirkwood's work. Fuse that with the Rodarte sisters' double-genius and you get these candle wax beauties from the Rodarte Winter 2011 Collection (pic3). Then Proenza Schouler is one of my favourite American brands. I've watched them develop over the years and they've never disappointed me. Why would they start now? These shoes are so cute (pic2). Hopefully, I'll be walking in these calibres very soon! Images

So Pulchritude is going to Alex

Last week's Wolves in Good Clothing was quieter than I'd hoped (middle of the month syndrome perhaps) and I was ready to pack the clothes and return them to the designers with a half smile in my heart (this should be a clear indication that this is not some brand where we pull the wool over your eyes - here we tell the truth) because I was greedy for more sales! But as the universe would have it, as I was packing, I got a call to bring the clothes to Alexandra this weekend, at a restaurant I reviewed not so long ago - called Neh! I absolutely loved it, great place, great vibe and plenty of BEE suits and their WAGS and makhwapheni's! So of course, I said yes and so tomorrow, Little Miss Pulchy is going to Alex, well it's not really Alex, it's Malboro but it's pretty much in the hood. I was very excited about the prospect because I know loxion girls love them some looking good and they are much less frugal than cheese girls suburban girls! Wish me luck. There's also going to be House of Ole, Rubicon, Analogue by Loxion Kulca and Shaldon Kopeman's Naked Ape Brand selling along side my usual suspects. The sale starts at about 12 and ends when the Netherlands/Japan match ends at about 6. I'm really looking forward to the new market.

It's Elle New Talent time

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Throughout the development of the South African industry - despite the boat jumping, back stabbing and diva throne grabbing - the Elle New Talent competition has been the most consistent and one of the only legitimate (streetcred wise) selection and award show for new or young designers in South Africa. Past winners include David Tlale, Tiaan Nagel and Anisa Mpungwe - three formidable forces I might add and I can't wait to be part of the selection and judging process this year (huge honour). The only reason I stole this graphic and scanned image from the M.R Preee-say blog is solely because I have something to do with the competition this year. I hope Amber and Jo or whoever designed it doesn't mind.

So the coolest fashion mag and the coolest retailer are looking for new talent - get to it if you think you've got what it takes. Actually for an 18 June closing date, you should be on your way by now. Good Luck. See you from the other side of the Judges Table!

Must share

I had no idea it's fathers day soon - I only realised when I went to buy handkerchiefs, razor blades and socks at Clicks. I lie! I used to buy those things for my dad when he was alive (well our mom would give us money), but since his death - it seems a bit shallow to connect him to such a random, mostly for commercial gain, commemoration. But I dooooo love this special that has done on its favourite father/daughter pairs.

Paul and Stella McCartney. Pablo and Paloma Picasso (how adorbs?) and Lionel and Nicole Richie. Love them.

Serge and the not so physically beautiful but enigmatic and intriguing Charlotte Gainsberg, Lenny and Zoe Kravitz and of course, this list would be incomplete without Barack, Sasha and Malia Obama.

But I do wish I one of me and my dad here! It's back home. I do have one of him looking sharp though. Will scan and post asap.

I'm currently focusing on my character instead of my reputation at the mo - so my thoughts are a bit frozen. And it's ok. When they thaw - you will be inform.ed

Amy Rawhani

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love discovering fashion gems, especially when they've been shining under my nose for 3 years. Last week, at my sale, there was this stylish looking girl who kept telling my customers how to wear the clothes they were thinking of buying, "No this doesn't work, this will look nice if you wear it with...", she kept saying. I was too busy tending to other people to introduce myself so I waited a bit, while thinking "Who is this chick and can she stop preventing me from making sales?". A few moments later, she introduced herself and helped me make a sale. My heart smiled and I decided to let her be. Turns out she's a pretty cool kid (whose also a Taurus - very NB to me) whose been running a very cool side businenss for the past 3 years.

Lost and Found is Amy's brainchild - a facebook group that sells vintage stuff by having members bid on it. It's like e-bay for vintage clothes, except it's free and there's no red tape and it's right here in Jozi. The universe brought Amy and I together when we bumped into each other at Wolves on Tuesday - and so we are going to combine our two babies - Pulchritude and Lost and Found - and have a sale at Wolves on Saturday and Sunday, together with stuff from Hello Fox! That's how tomorrow came about. If you're not in the mood for shopping - just come for a cup of tea in the most beautiful crockery or have some cake or wine or vodeeka. Image is from Lost and Found group on Facebook. Oh, and that's not Amy in the pictures.

Feeling Blue

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Literally and figuratively. I don't have a TV and I don't know why I didn't organise to watch the opening concert at someone's house or something, even if it IS Alicia Keys and the Black Eyed Peas. So I'm looking at these instead, atleast they are beautiful. I got these from Tommy Ton's blog.
These pictures have nothing to do with anything or each other, I just thought they were beautiful. The models are wearing Stella McCartney's new 2011 Resort Collection and the wedges are by Proenza Schouler.

"Wolves in Good Clothing"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I knew this would happen. I'm having another sale on Saturday (and I just happen to be blasting Britney's OOPS I DID IT AGAIN) that's this Saturday the 12th AND Sunday the 13th - this time featuring the same designers from Pulchritude (Black Coffee, Silverspoon, Two, Love Jozi, Doreen Southwood, Loin Cloth and Ashes and Lucky You). Maria McCloy will give me more accessories and some very special African print secrets that will only be revealed on Saturday.

But wait...there's more PEOPLE. The fabulousness that is Amy Rawhani of Lost and Found will be joining us with her sweet vintage treats and so will Angie Batis, who owns Wolves but also makes amazing accessories called Hello Fox.

If you missed the last one, or if you just want to come and have cool cakes next to cool clothes and even cooler customers - come and become a Wolf in Good Clothing this weekend.

Wolves is almost on the corner of Oxford and Corlett Drive. They have a beautiful striped yellow and white awning outside the shop, and a BILTR (Bike I'd Like To Ride)

Sandra Backland

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is a Swedish designer who has in the past, been known for her amazing knitwear. Can you believe this collection is mostly knitted (using Wool obviously) and all of this is made using knitting techniques with silk organza and and technical nylon. My mother used to have the most beautiful silk organza dress from the 80s.
Images from

Pulchritude Post Mortem

Monday, June 7, 2010

If I had a choice, I would be horizontal with my eyes closed and resting, but I signed up to a world of champers, ciggies and very little sleep. Saturday went very well even though there's still a mountain of clothes from all my suppliers and I'm eternally grateful to the people that came (even those I don't know) who came to get a trinket or two. I've already got 3 very happy customers who have told me they are wearing their new buys today and that other people lurv!

So I'm thinking of having another, smaller, pop up sale - or even something small at my house this week (with live music in the form of me singing the only song i can sing in front of people - just kidding) Keep your eyes peeled.

Here are some snaps from Saturday and beyond:


Some serious deliberation at our little shop!

Me in my Two Tee Dress and Doreen Southwood Cardi and Celiwe in her Loin Cloth and Ashes Dress (one of her many buys)


Friday, June 4, 2010

1. Zo and Gcobisa freaking out about Loin Cloth and Ashes Dresses
2. Is this love is this love is this love is this love that I'm feeling?
3. "Jennifer", the well dressed mannequin who frightened Nana as she came home last night.

One more sleep until the big day (thanks for the support guys) and things are looking cucumberish! I've got two assistants, Zoleka and Gcobisa, two young uns who are going to be helping me with everything. They are so sweet and wide eyed and eager to learn and I'm happy to finally be imparting knowledge to good people. Earlier this week, they were unpacking all the stuff that has arrived so far and took much longer than planned because they wanted to try everything on and were ooohing and aaahing at almost everything, some confirmation that the stuff is actually hot. And the minute Celiwe saw the Lucky You accessories, it was love! She had a hard time choosing but settled on the black heart, which is a huge loss to everyone else because that's one of the cutest. So I made the first sale before the sale :-)

I've been putting posters up and last night almost scared Nana to death when she thought she saw a very well dressed Jennifer, our Housekeeper in the middle of the night outside our door. I had put the mannequin dressed in Loin Cloth and Ashes and Doreen Southwood outside the door of my our flat for passers by to see - she almost died! Just got a text from my friend Serisha, who is here from Cape Town for the sale (and I'm sure other things) hehe.

No One Reads Your Blog

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is what's on one of the T-Shirts I saw at the Black Coffee store at Arts on Main this afternoon.  It's from Love Jozi's "If the T-shirt Fits" latest range and of course, I'm getting one even though I'm not much of a t-shirt girl.  I was there to pick up the stock for Pulchritude and was reduced to tears at what I saw. (When I'd left of course)

This is Black Coffee's latest collection, part of Blk Box - a new initiative they've undertaken with the multi talented Vincent Truter - a name I wasn't familiar with until Danica told me about his many many accomplishments. Google if you may. Blk Box is Black Coffee's new travelling instillation (no surprises there, this instillation needs witnesses) that's in their shop for a month and half then it moves to Cape Town until August. Jesus Christ. It's so incredibly clever - seeing it made me feel a little high actually - like when you just can't speak from the mind tapping a joint is doing in you. I just saw words, pages, reading, text, letter, bondange, geeks and librarians in those pieces. What I like about the concept is that it stretches the boundaries of fashion to way beyond the meat and potatoes notion of idea=design=ramp=rail=katching

They've got publications to go with this as well as collaborations with other artists in the pipeline. I'm so inspired. And very proud that Black Coffee's clothes will be sold at Pulchritude on Saturday.

Have a sip...but for more info, go to

Oh, here's the tee

I love Jozi. There will be some boys' stuff at the Sale too in the form of Love Jozi tees, which are unisex (for the Transformers - is that too low?).