So Pulchritude is going to Alex

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last week's Wolves in Good Clothing was quieter than I'd hoped (middle of the month syndrome perhaps) and I was ready to pack the clothes and return them to the designers with a half smile in my heart (this should be a clear indication that this is not some brand where we pull the wool over your eyes - here we tell the truth) because I was greedy for more sales! But as the universe would have it, as I was packing, I got a call to bring the clothes to Alexandra this weekend, at a restaurant I reviewed not so long ago - called Neh! I absolutely loved it, great place, great vibe and plenty of BEE suits and their WAGS and makhwapheni's! So of course, I said yes and so tomorrow, Little Miss Pulchy is going to Alex, well it's not really Alex, it's Malboro but it's pretty much in the hood. I was very excited about the prospect because I know loxion girls love them some looking good and they are much less frugal than cheese girls suburban girls! Wish me luck. There's also going to be House of Ole, Rubicon, Analogue by Loxion Kulca and Shaldon Kopeman's Naked Ape Brand selling along side my usual suspects. The sale starts at about 12 and ends when the Netherlands/Japan match ends at about 6. I'm really looking forward to the new market.


Jenny said...

Hi there. How does one get involved as a South African designer?

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