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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is what's on one of the T-Shirts I saw at the Black Coffee store at Arts on Main this afternoon.  It's from Love Jozi's "If the T-shirt Fits" latest range and of course, I'm getting one even though I'm not much of a t-shirt girl.  I was there to pick up the stock for Pulchritude and was reduced to tears at what I saw. (When I'd left of course)

This is Black Coffee's latest collection, part of Blk Box - a new initiative they've undertaken with the multi talented Vincent Truter - a name I wasn't familiar with until Danica told me about his many many accomplishments. Google if you may. Blk Box is Black Coffee's new travelling instillation (no surprises there, this instillation needs witnesses) that's in their shop for a month and half then it moves to Cape Town until August. Jesus Christ. It's so incredibly clever - seeing it made me feel a little high actually - like when you just can't speak from the mind tapping a joint is doing in you. I just saw words, pages, reading, text, letter, bondange, geeks and librarians in those pieces. What I like about the concept is that it stretches the boundaries of fashion to way beyond the meat and potatoes notion of idea=design=ramp=rail=katching

They've got publications to go with this as well as collaborations with other artists in the pipeline. I'm so inspired. And very proud that Black Coffee's clothes will be sold at Pulchritude on Saturday.

Have a sip...but for more info, go to

Oh, here's the tee

I love Jozi. There will be some boys' stuff at the Sale too in the form of Love Jozi tees, which are unisex (for the Transformers - is that too low?).


coelho said...

hot hot hot - they are so talented!

Moagisi said...

Wow! The heading sure grabbed my attention from twitter to your blog post. Love the skirt ensemble and the idea of 'wearing' a book on my shoulders...brilliant! Fashion meets literature :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, the glasses necklace!

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