Friday, May 31, 2013

This the Resort 2014 collection by an LA label called Clover Canyon and it is pretty damn amazing.  I adore these wonderful Cuban inspired prints. How are those jerseys with the Cuban mama's smoking? Check out the rest of the collection on Fashion Bomb Daily


It's been a terribly busy week and blogging has been last on my long list of priorities. Sorry to those who kept on coming to check for new updates. I haven't even had time to really cook up some new posts. Today's cv application is also a victim of this week's business and anyway, the CV's I have are not unmissable so instead, I'm going to hit you up with a little surprise later on in the day courteousy of Apple's new iPad Mini, which I've been playing with and practicing motherhood with because it's the most awesome thing to have and to hold and to kiss goodnight and brag about to your friends and anyone who will listen.

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Somebody hire these people! Today's CV's!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday guys

I hope you've all had a wonderful and productive week. This year is hussain bolting all over our asses and so much is happening that there are times where I just want to throw away all forms of technology and interconnectedness and go live in a hut somewhere where we have to go to sleep because it's dark and wake up because the sun is coming out. Anyway, so today I have two exciting CV's and I really hope to connect these two youngins to some work, they seem to be quite multi talented.

CV 1

The first CV belongs to a young man who was born in 1986 and lives in Soweto.  He made the wise choice of combining Media Studies, African Literature and Political Science at Wits.  Gone are the days when the letters BA stood for ''Bugger All'' (I always thought that that was such a lame statement, thank God evolution is not up to humans).  Sure it's harder to find a ''job'' when you get out of school with such a complex combination of subjects, but it's easier to carve a career out. Perhaps this young man hasn't figured that out. But whose figured anything out in their 20s?  Having a BA Degree is all about how much you use your knowledge to test your abilities.  You can fit your round pegged self into many a hole. Thank goodness he started early. When he was at Wits he was a Producer for Voice of Wits Radio and he quickly upgraded to being a Production Co-Ordinator for 3 months at Yo-TV.  His CV is extensive and is detailed with all the various things he has had to do to climb the ladder, I've just highlighted what I think is super relevant for someone looking to hire someone like him:

For 3 years he did Media Modelling. I didn't know what that was until I looked what he actually did which gave me a mini seizure: going through over 1500 publications and 350 channels and putting them into categories for the sake of analyzing them according to metric systems for a company called Newsclip. He's done Content Analysis meaning he's probably a keen reader and someone with the ability to do the boring stuff.  He's done Media Analysis which means he's done done comprehensive evaluations of the media coverage that certain brands have had across all media platforms. He's done Ad Cost analysis, Account Management and of course some Reporting.  That means Writing, Copy Editing, Proof Reading meaning he probably respects language and its use and can communicate fairly well.  I think he's the type of person that can be thrown into any work situation and get himself involved.

CV 2

This young lady has worked her way up a ladder that many people see and think is made from diamonds and champagne: fashion!  She's 23 and has just graduated from Lisof with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion.  She's not looking for anything specific but interested in being immersed in an environment where she could learn and her experience is varied in terms of small jobs she's done here and there in an effort to learn.  The subjects she did at school include Fashion Media, Merchandising Mathes, Buying, Product Development, Business Studies, Marketing, Pattern Making and Textile Theory.  Although she's hoping to climb hire, I must say she started pretty early.

In high school she was a Promotions Girl (I have genuine respect for people who have done this because I got fired from my first promotions job in East London and I can't remember why but probably for being too sassy) and while she was studying in Joburg, she has been a Receptionist, an Admin Assistant, she's worked at Diesel in Rosebank as a shop assistant, she's Styled both issues of LISOF's Protege Magazine.  She's worked as a Stylists Assistant during one of African Fashion International's Fashion Weeks, taping ALL the shoes for the shows as well as assisting where she was needed during Fashion Week, which is pretty hectic.  She's worked as a Store Manager and worked at Just which was in 44 Stanley.  There she was actually an Assistant Designer in addition to Managing the Shop, doing Sales Reports, doing Sales, assisting with Look Books and generally doing what sounds like being Justine Robertson's right hand.

She's ripe and green at the same time. If I was looking for someone, I would certainly call her up.

To find out more about these two and to get in touch with them about work, email me and I'll put you in touch



OMG Mememe made the cover of Time Magazine!
I actually bought the magazine only to find out it wasn't about us. Whatever.


My sister's new puppy, Contra. 

This little guy is too much. I have not met him yet but I told my sister and her husband that I'm actually his real mom and they are just holding him until I come and get him. My sister found him on a construction site while she was working in the Transkei this week. He was ''lost'' in the village which is an oxymoron because village dogs barely have names, let alone owners.  No guesses as to why his name is Contra...


Another young designer that's launching an online store this year is Celeste Arendse of Selfi!  We also go way back to Pulchritude days and I respect the consistency of her talent, as do customers at Mememe Joburg.  This is the latest stuff she sent this week!  Visit to see more

Jane Sews her way to an Online store!

At the end of 2010, I had a meeting with a young graduate from Lisof, a beautiful waif with a top layer of innocence, a medium layer of common sense and a bottom layer of no nonsense.  She had asked to meet me so that she could show me some of her clothes because I was working with other designers when I was doing Pulchritude.  We were seated in the then relatively new Wolves Cafe in Illovo when she pulled out 3 samples from her handbag and I remember thinking damn these are good samples for a student.  With a few tweaks here and there, they could sell and I would be the first customer.  She listened to my advice and slowly over a few months, her product got better and better. In fact, it's one of my favourite young designer brands which we stock at Mememe Joburg and now it's grown up.  This week, Amy Venter of Jane Sews launches her own online store! Well done Amy and good luck on this new venture in business. Visit the Jane Sews Online Store and have a good gander!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Remember days like this? Days where you and your best friend would sit all day drinking each other up in one of your bedrooms? Locked in a world of songs you knew every single word to, intertwined in dance routines you had tape recorded on TV that one time? Remember reading magazines until the spine was barely there because you had turned those crispy pages so many times that they were now limp and scattered all over your innocent mind? 

Remember how you would change personalities by changing into each others clothes, not only because it was fun but because you didn't have that many ''in'' clothes to begin with? Remember plaiting each other's hair and wearing the narrow neck of your top on your head pretending it was long hair? Remember using your Impulse or Charlie deodorant spray can as a microphone when you played Shell Road to Fame? Remember how you would eventually go inside after a long, hot afternoon playing ushenxe, black toti or duva, having only eaten peanut butter or polony sandwiches or samp and beans or even better, umfino or amanqina, washed down with mulberries picked from your neighbour's yard, the evidence of which was over your weekend shorts? 

Remember closing the curtains at the same time everyday to the sound of the opening credits of The Bold and the Beautiful? Remember reluctantly chopping onions, tomatoes or carrots training for one day when you would be able to cook properly? Remember the exhilarating thrill of seeing boys if, like me, you were in a girls school? Remember how your crush's name was all over your homework diary, your school bag, tippexed at the bottom of your school shoes and how you would stare at his school picture as if your breathing literally depended on it? 

The story in this shoot is so well told that it took me all the way back and actually made me miss being a teenager even though I hated every waking moment of it and all.  It's from a magazine I discovered on the net yesterday called Ballad Of , a London showcase publication that publishes the work of up and coming photographers, stylists, make up artists and models in that city.  The two girls on the cover of this issue are just adorable. 

The print magazine is available on order from the website, which is cool but doesn't give you a lot of meat to bite into, just the smell of it.  But it is totally appealing and if it wasn't sold out, I would buy this Ballad of Sarah-Lou. 

I can't decide whether this is just plain hot or just damn beautiful

I can't seem to get to who took these really beautiful images of former PopAfricana editor Oroma Elewa. I discovered them on although I saw them a while ago. She is really beautiful. 

Yeah but is it necessary to be this hot, Solange?

Just because

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New music, new girl!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Say hello to Melissa Laveaux from Canada!  How cool are these dancers?


Monday, May 13, 2013

My crazy brains friend, artist Nandipha Mntambo left for Stockholm yesterday where she will be having her first European Solo Exhibition at Andrehn-Schiptjenko Gallery. This is a big deal but it is no surprise because Nandi's sculptures are something else.  She uses cow hide and a lot of the times moulds the hide in the shape of her own body, exhibit A above. The exhibition is titled ''Kufa nekuvuka kwelutsandvo'' and will be on from 16 May to 20 June 2013.  I don't know what the title means but it's in a Nguni language and the first two words mean to die and to wake. She probably won't like the fact that I posted this but her work is too amazing not to share and I don't care that there's a possibily that utlang'divosa when she reads this. She is represented by Michael Stevenson Gallery and you can click here to read more about her and see her provocative work. 


It has nothing to do with Beyonce.  Great cover choice but when your favourite magazine features your favourite character in your favourite show. That's what's up.
Click on the image to read the article. 


No jokes, when I saw this bag and these Dominic Jones Gloves on The Coveteur when they went to visit The Blonde Salad woman and her incredible wardrobe...

This was my facial and body expression!!!!!

Love this pic by Nigerian photographer Lakin Ogunbanwo


I'm not a sneaker head, I'm simply not that cool.  I don't even know if it's all that wise to admit that I don't know what Jordan 1's look like or the difference between those and Air-Max's. I think I'll stop there lest I embarrass myself...further. I recently discovered sneaker hedonism because I now live with a proper sneaker freak, not that my old housemate Nana didn't dig her kicks. For the past few months, I've taken a keen interest (keen in this case literally meaning I now look instead of just gloss over) in what sneakers a person is wearing and I'm learning.

But nobody needs to teach me that these:

Are damn good looking sneakers!  And they have cousins:

Puma (International) has collaborated with Hypebeast Magazine (which I'm not familiar with but my eyebrows are now raised) to come up with shoes inspired by my favourite kind of Chinese food:

I know, Right?????? 

The bright yellow pair, which I prefer, is modelled on open topped steamed pork dumplings called Siu Mai which ar emade with a yellow-hued wrap.  These Puma x HB Blaze of Glory OG kicks are made of leather and suede and highlighted by a cushion cell midsole and apparently rounded by a neoprene (a  highly durable synthetic rubber used for things like laptop sleeves, orthopedic wrist/knee braces etc) boot  for fit and comfort. 

The semi see through pair is also modelled on a type of Dim Sum, a sheer-skinned shrimp dumpling known for being one of the most impossible dumplings to make known as Har Gao.  This Blaze of Glory lightweight style is super flexible because it's more flexible than the Faas 300s that I have, which are basically cartoon like in their flexibility.  I like these shoes a lot.  They aren't available in local stores though, they came out in Hong Kong last week and will be available at select Boutique stores globally but I bet we are only going to have to get them online.  And why Dim Sum? Because duh it's delicious and Hypebeast is based in Hong Kong and when Puma approached them with this concept, they thought it appropriate to make it about something at the heart of that giant kaleidascopic metropolis: dim sum, which in English means ''touch the heart''.  Enough said! 

Good Fucking Design Advice

Friday, May 10, 2013

I nicked this off Henry Holland's Instagram. Apparently, they just got a new certificate of advice at their Company.