Friday, May 10, 2013

Hey dolls

I hope you've had a week full of learning and personal growth.  I'm still recovering from what all those celebrities did to us at the Met Gala, after all these years of adoration and support.

Anyway, I have some really good CV's this week, and one job vacancy that I got from a friend who works at the United Nations. (In Q-Tip voice) Herrrrrrrreeeeeeee we go:

The first CV came with this cover letter that got me so excited that I've literally just copied and pasted it:

''I recently graduated with a BA degree in African Literature and History , and I am currently completing my Honours Degree in African Literature at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am passionate about Africa(fashion, art, film, music) and my research focus is African pop culture, cinema and music. I love writing and putting together producing content for different platforms.I am currently involved in a few projects outside of my studies. I volunteer for a youth development NGO called enke: Make Your Mark and I write for a  youth publication called Live Mag SA, on a freelance basis. You can find some of my work on their online platform  I  prefer to work full days on Thursday and Friday, however I am flexible and I have resources that allow me to work independently. I am also looking for some kind of mentorship and networking opportunities that can help me establish  future career prospects.  Please have a look at my CV and I will be more than happy to provide you with any additional requirements.''

I mean need I say more? I read the CV and it's pretty impressive. While studying at Wits, this young woman has been a tutor to first year Literature and Law students as well as teaching English online.  She's been involved in a number of organisations whose aim is to improve the state of the youth in SA, most notably a week long forum that invites Grade 11 pupils from around the country to participate in its annual programme.  Her courses at Wits include Antropology, English, Political Science and International Relations. She lives in Soweto, speaks English and Zulu and is 22 years old.  

The Second CV belongs to a young man in his twenties who lives in Port Elizabeth but would like to move to Johannesburg.  He studied Tourism Management at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum in Port Elizabeth.  He also completed a business plan writing course (how many times have I wished to know someone who can write a business plan?).  For the past 3 years has worked at Shosholoza Meyl and Metrorail as a ticket handling official and accounting manager.  I suspect he is too shy to put this on his CV but a few years ago, I came across a CD that this guy made with his band and it was actually pretty good.  Not sure how I obtained it but when I received his email, I remembered it was the guy with the really cool music.  He probably wants to come to Joburg to do big things. 

To find out more about these CV's and to contact the CV holders, email me with your request. 


The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Pretoria is inviting application from suitably qualified South African nationals for the post of Programme Assistant (Communication). 

So what will you actually do?

Provide programme and administrative support, perform a variety of information gathering, monitoring, technical and administrative services in support of communication, fundraising, partnerships and outreach activities for the Chief of Communication and Partnerships and the Communication Programme Assistant.

What qualifications do you need?

  • You need to have some straining in communication, corporate engagement, journalism or philanthropy
  • 6 years of progressively responsible clerical or administrative work, of which at least 1 year is closely related to support of programme activities
  • Experice in project management of public events and high-level visits
  • Ability to wide range relate of stakeholders in the media, government, NGO and corporate sectors (I must confess, I don't know what this means but I'm sure you can ask)
  • Experience with maintaing digital platforms like social media and websites. 
  • Good judgement and strong analytical skills.    

To find out more about this position and to apply for it, click on this here link

Good luck and good day.