Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello luffs!

This has possibly been one of the busiest weeks of 2013 hence the lack of posting since Friday. A new project landed in my hands on Monday but I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and basically this is as much as I can say. I turned 28 on Tuesday and between all the tear inducing phone calls and general love from my family and friends, the Apple iStore sent me the best toy a girl could ask for, the new iPad Mini (nkosi enofefe, I can't begin to describe how happy this made me), which I am going to share with you all on Monday just as soon as I'm done learning about all the new apps.  I also styled the Mememe Range look book while drinking champagne from Chris Saunders.  On Wednesday DJ Kenzhero played at Mememe Joburg as part of Party Songs for Girls, which was so much fun. Afterwards, I had dinner with some really hilarious friends who kept telling people to ''shlala phanzi'' and for dessert, we went to watch the new Blk Jks at Shikisha in Newtown. That was just beyond. The new band is sans the lead singer Linda and in addition to (serious rockstar) drummer Tshpang, guitarist Mpumi and guitarist Molefe, there are two new members who come bearing some serious horns and contribute to an overall amazing repertoire. Hayi shem, their new material is off the hinges. Thursday I was bum to chair working all day and now it's 8pm on Thursday and I'm still at work. Let me get out of here. Good morning if you're reading this in the morning. I honestly have not had time to do CVs this week. When there is time, it will happen. 


theunis van der Merwe said...

Hi Miss Milli

I work for Robyn Cooke at Cape Town Style Guide PR and would love to add you to our contact list. Where can I reach you?

Nomali said...

Happy belated berfday! Sounds like a crazy week.

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