Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bonang Matheba looks amazing on the cover of Destiny Magazine. I think this is their best cover. Ever.


Hey dolls,

How is it Wednesday already? It might as well be December 27th. I just don't know where the time goes anymore. Sorry for my poor blogging but I'v been busy working. The moon has also been wreaking havoc in my life and there have been a lot of changes to deal with. It really feels like it's almost the end of the year.

On the news front, Two, the shop which has been sharing the space with Mememe Joburg, moved out yesterday.  They moved to a factory in Doornfontein and no longer have a retail front, except they are now going to produce their own clothing to distribute to hundreds of stores nationwide. Good for them. It was a little surreal seeing them pack because it was exactly two years ago this time that we were all moving in.  We will miss them shem but I guess change is good for everyone.

From 1 April, the space will be rented out by photographer Liam Lynch and stylist Zandi Tisani under the name Trade Union.  It will become a living breathing space for various projects, exhibitions and it's going to become Liam's photography studio that will be rented out for shoots but more on that when it's actually happening.  Trade Union will also be collaborating with MeMeMe, our first initiative being Sterring.  The word Sterring is actually derived from ''Starring'' as in X Movie starring X actor. But naturally as blacks, we barstadized the word and for some reason, every black person in this country knows what you mean when you refer to the ''Sterring'' of the film. Our childhood conversations would go something like this:

''Hey have you seen True Lies?"
''No, what's it about? Who is the sterring?''
''It's the new one with Shwaznega''

Typical 80s Sterrings include the likes of Bruce Lee, Steven Segal, Jean-Claude van Damme, Charles Bronson or is it Branson?, Arnold 'Shwaznega' Schwazernegger, Chuck Norris and the sterring to top all Sterrings:

I don't think there's a single person in the world who doesn't picture the face of Henry Cele when they think about Shaka Zulu.  The word has actually remained in our collective cultural consciousness and we thought it is the perfect name to give our series of free outdoor screenings of African films.  Starting this Friday, we are screening Senegalese filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambety's Touki Bouki and I'm happy to report that we are already fully booked!  There's not much to do in the early evening on Fridays in Jozi and this is honestly just for the fun of it, because we can and because we like things.  Our next film is on the 5th of April and if I were you, I would book early by emailing We are very excited about this initiative. In April, Trade Union and Mememe will be bringing you a very delicious imported initiative - stay tooned!  Hope everybody is having a lekker year so far!

Re the title of today's post: Izaziso is a Xhosa word that means ''announcements''.  Every Sunday at Church when we were kids, we would be so excited when some clergyman would stand at the pulpit and say very slowly in a deep and reassuring voice ''Izaziso'' to announce that week's church news, a weekly event that would indicate the end of that week's sermon; music to our impatient little ears, a message of freedom that released us from those scratchy merengue dresses and bobby socks.  And of course, the knowledge that Sunday lunch came with jelly and custard would have us hop skipping to the car for the long drive back home.


Kan't get enough of Kerry


Please can we all just take a moment.  
Another reason why The Gentlewoman is by far my favourite magazine

Doreen Southwood Latest Collection

Apologies for the quality of these pictures, they were MMSed from Cape Town. But I just had to. My dear friend, my sister Doreen Southwood is busy putting the finishing touches to what looks like an amazingly true to her style new range.  She's showing at Design Indaba this Saturday at 11.30 - if you're attending the Indaba, heck even if you weren't thinking of it, I highly recommend going to see this show. This stuff is really beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished collection.  Of course, it will be at Mememe when my poor friend has had a little bit of a rest after all the effort of putting this together.  Sh'es a panel freak and I really like the look of these pieces so far. 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Good morning good people, it's a beautiful Friday morning in Johottesburg! There's a special spring in my step today because there are three brand new CV's to share with the world!  Last week I was a guest on Radio Today's Chic Jozi show in which I spoke about this little initiative which I really hope grows into a bigger initiative. I urge you all to please spread the word about it, spread these CV's around if you know anyone looking to employ someone and to also send me an email if you would like yours to be uploaded here on Fridays.

I must admit, I'm kind of ''so bored'' of the traditional CV structure. Hayi kabi. Now that I spend a considerable amount of time looking at people's CVs, I think the concept of a CV is a little bit outdated!  I think we need to think of  a new more exciting way to sell ourselves if we want to stand out and be noticed. Especially in the creative industries! What do you think? Do you guys have any feedback about the way this CV thing has been structured so far? I would really appreciate your thoughts on the whole thing and how to improve it.

Without further ado, (I've never actually really understood that saying but anyway), here we go:

The first CV belongs to a 25 year old woman who lives in Durban and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rhodes University and recently completed her studies at the Entrepreneurship Institute of India. She has a drivers licence, speaks English and Zulu and is willing to move to another city if there are employment opportunities.  At Rhodes she studied Industrial and Economic Sociology and History and in India, she did a programme in Small Business Promotion. She also studied at the IMM Graduate School of Marketing and completed a Higher Certificate in Marketing Management.

Work Experience

2012             Interservice Trainee at the Ethekwini Municipality, Arts and Living Cultures Unit
2010 - 2011  Interservice Trainee at the Ethekwini Municipality, International and Governance Unit
2010             PR Officer and Production Asst at Decamm Productions and Iindoni Models
2009             Marketing Assistant at HMS Management Consultants

The Second CV belongs to a fashion designer who lives in Port Elizabeth.  She has a BA Degree in Fashion Design from Lisof as well as a National Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology from the Tshwane University of Technology.  Her beautifully laid out CV came with a step by step guide on how to make a 50's full skirt and her cover letter tells the story of somebody who is not only passionate about making clothing, but someone who has the technical skills to back it up! In 2011 while working as a studio manager at Studio Tiaan Nagel, she was selected as a finalist for the Mr Price Elle New Talent Competition and had a show at SA Fashion Week.  She is 26 years old and speaks Afrikaans and English, has her own car and has recently tried her hand at her own label but I think she needs a little more experience working for somebody more established.

Work Experience

2012             Assistant Designer, Pattern Maker - SilverSpoon Clothing
2011             Assistant Designer, Pattern Maker, Dress Maker - Lunar Clothing
2010 - 2011  Studio Manager, Jnr Designer, Garment Technologist, Pattern Maker - Tiaan Nagel
2010             Shop Assistant, Forever New
2009             Intern, Miss Scarlet Clothing

Her skills include:
Designing, Technical drawing, Pattern making, Grading, Management, Client relations, Cutting, Quality control, Sales and she also makes wedding dresses amongst others.

The Third CV Belongs to a young man! Finally, I've been wondering why I haven't received any CV's from South Africa's young men.  This young man is based in Johannesburg and studies Public Relations and Communications at the University of Johannesburg.  He is 24 years old, speaks English, Sesotho and Zulu and has a drivers licence. He has worked in product promotion, was the events co-ordinator for UJ Arts and Culture and was the editor of the University's student newspaper. He currently has a fashion blog and is looking for a job in fashion, media and PR related industries.

Work Experience

2011 - 2012  PR and Communication Intern and Personal Assistant and Stylist - David Tlale
2011             Part-time PR and Communication Intern - Suzaan Heyns Couture
2011             PR and Communication Intern - Helen Joseph Hospital
2011             Melville Guest House - PR and Communications Intern for the Melville Poetry Fest

His skills include:
Formulation and execution of marketing strategies, product promotion, newsletter compilation, designer and client liaison, event co-ordination.

Whew, that's it for this week. If you would like to find out more about these jobseekers, please send me an email and I will put you in touch with them.




Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 March 2013
Check out the new initiative by Liam Lynch + Zandi Tisani and myself! 

An Amazing Opportunity

In just a few hours, I will be part of a global conversation about the business of blogging.  This conversation will be virtual, taking place on Google Hangouts, which is like Skype but on Google and during the 90 minute conversation, will get to virtually meet some people that I'm a little nervous to meet because of starstruckistis but all in all, people I am very excited and honoured to call peers in the blogosphere.

This is all part of Fashion Africa's week long virtual Think Tank for the Lagos Social Media Week hosted by Heritage 1960.  It's a series of four online panel discussions including Global Design, Made In Africa, Creative Collaborations and The Business of Blogging.  It's about bringing together a diverse group of African industry change agents to lead a discussion on the opportunities and challeges withink the global African fashion industry.

On my panel tonight from 6pm South African time, I will be in a discussion with Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette, Terence Sambo of One Nigerian Boy and hopefully all of the girls from THE 4 ACES blog: Cookie, Kaven, Abby and Ozzy.  The discussion will be faciliated by Elle Magazine South Africa Fashion Director, Poppy Evans and Heritage 1960's Enyinne Owunwanne.

Confirmed speakers for the week long conference include: ''insert big proud smile''

Aurora James | Founder and Creative Director, Brother Vellies (Image, Top Middle)
Carmen and Selina Sutherland | Co-Founders, Republic of Foreigner
Chid Liberty | Co-Founder of Liberty and Justice
Cookie Caven | Blogger, The 4 Aces Date + Co-Founder, Caven Etomi (Image, Right)
Doreen Mashika | Designer
Hannah Poole | Associate Editor, Arise Magazine
Jacqueline Ytuarte | Jewelry Designer, Maiyet
Jessye Ramey | Production Manager, Edun
Joshua Kissi | Blogger, Street Etiquette
Kimathi, Buyu By Jamhuri Wear (Image, Bottom Middle)
Lisa Folawiyo | Designer, Jewel By Lisa
Loza Maleombho | Designer
Mahelia de Randamie | Editor, Vogue Italia
Milisuthando Bongela | Blogger, Miss Milli B + Co-Owner, Mememe
Nina Baksmaty | Designer, Koshie O
Poppy Evans | Fashion Director, Elle Magazine South Africa
Rebecca Van Bergen | Executive Director, Nest
Stella Jean | Designer (Image, Left)
Terence Sambo | Blogger, One Nigerian Boy
Zandile Blay | Style and Culture Columnist, Huffington Post
Zara Okpara | PR Manager, Jewel By Lisa

WHEN: February 18th through February 22nd, 2013 from 11am – 12:30pm EST (5pm – 6:30pm WAT)

WHERE: Online via Google Hangouts on Heritage1960’s Google+ Page (

WHY: “There are so many brands and individuals doing amazing work on the continent and in the Diaspora,” says Enyinne Owunwanne, Fashion Africa Think Tank Producer and Heritage1960 Founder. “Panel discussions and conferences often have some barrier to participation, ranging from cost to geography to exclusivity.  Through this virtual Think Tank, we hope to create an open and collaborative platform for dialogue while fostering innovation and action.”

To join the discussion, go the Heritage 1960s page on Google Hangouts!  Or find out more on Facebook: Twitter: @heritage1960 and join the Twitter Conversation with the hashtag #smwBUSINESSOFBLOGGING 


Aaahh you guys I BLAME OSCAR!!! Thought there would be more entries but I guess everybody's thunder this week has been stolen by the tweet by tweet lowdown on Oscar's bail application! Or was the competition too difficult? Anyway, it does not matter. Thank you to those who entered. 

I had to do another random selection to pick the winner - I asked a friend of mine two pick two numbers between 1 and 6 and she picked 1 and 4 so I guess congratulations to Nkhensani who wins herself a Jinjer Jack leather bag and to Revi Govender who wins the beautiful leather belt, also from Jinger Jack. Please email with your details and I'll have your things delivered to you early next week. 

Sunny-bonani people of the South! Today I'm giving away these two beautiful leather goods made in South Africa to two randomly lucky people.  But I'm not going to make it easy unless you know your stuff!  If you can guess who makes these bags and where they make them, you are in luck.  The rules are simple:

1. Guess the makers of this bag and belt and their location
2. Like their page on Facebook or start following them on Twitter 
3. Enter your name and answer in the comments section on this blog
4. Competition closes at 12.00 tomorrow

The 10th person to get the answer right gets the bag! The 16th person gets the belt!  Easy peasy. Whoever wins the bag...snap! Goodluck! Clue: It's made in South Africa


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We all need some good news! Stay tuned!


Have you guys seen this campaign by Diesel + Edun?  They have a new initiative/collaboration called DIESEL + EDUN that is founded on principles of these two super brands raising awareness about the creative opportunities in Africa.  Both Diesel and Edun have some fingers in some developmental pies in the African countries of Mali and Uganda, the citizens of which were involved in producing this raw denim range apparently inspired by a four pocket jean that as famous in the streets of South Africa in the 70s. The beautiful young people featured in this campaign are artists, designers, musicians and photographers from different African countries who are all part of a collective called Studio Africa.  
They include South Africans Uviwe Mangweni, the boys from ISEEADIFFERENTYOU and musician Yannick Ilunga aka Petit Noir. Learn (a little) more about Studio Africa here
I just hope people are getting paid and that this isn't a case of Africanwashing (this season's greenwashing).  I hope this means serious longterm business opportunities for all involved. 

Dear God, why didn't you make me look like this?

Dear kids who are reading this and are at that impressionable age, the title of this post if very shallow but definitely not a lie.  How beautiful is this girl? More importantly how wonderful are these photographs by New York based photographer, Kwesi Abbensetts. Check out his tumblr for the beautiful images in and of his world.  


There we were, walking and talking after a facial, manicure and some well needed girl time on Sunday. The last time we checked my friend and I were having a meaningful exchange approaching the Sunglass Hut store in Rosebank.  The next thing we knew, we were glued to the shop window, me having a shrieking fit and her a bona fide zombie.  It was closed and we could not go inside and try them on so we stood at the window marveling at these beautiful sunglasses! I didn't look at the price but I think they are in the region of R3000, which is not bad considering how amazing your life will become once you call these yours. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey guys
I greet you all with a very heavy heart. This week has not been easy on South Africans and that is one of the reasons this post is coming to you a little late. It's been difficult to carry on with things normally. I have to admit that in the midst of everything that is happening in South Africa - Anene Booysen's rape,mutilation and murder, just one case amongst many in the scourge of gender based violence, the State of The Nation Address and then yesterday's horrific news that Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend in his home, we are shocked, fatigued and still reeling from it all. Yesterday I attended the 1Billion March against gender based violence at Constitution Hill.  I arrived at 4pm and left at 6pm and in those two hours, I kept asking myself ''what are we doing here''? The thinness of the crowd was really disappointing.  There were too few people, no clear leader galvanizing people to action, not enough of a feeling of anger at the many injustices women experience in the hands of men. It was more like an imbizo than a march, with drumming to furnish it.  In the two hours I was there, the group did not make it out to the streets.  From outside Constitution Hill, one couldn't even tell that people were mobilizing inside. There was not a single policeman in sight and the roads were open, cars driving through as if it was any other day. An oddity considering the mess we're in.  I arrived there feeling sad and I left feeling even sadder that such an important cause didn't receive the kind of support it needs to end the violence.  But this is not to say the people that came to make a stand should not be acknowledged for their contribution.  It's not their fault that violence against women is not at the top of this country's agenda.  Our president didn't even isolate the issue in his speech, which was more like a very long and uninspiring oral in which he didn't look up from his typed speech.

When I went to bed last night, I was hoping to wake up feeling a little lighter.  But that's not the case.  As I perused the many CV's I received in the last week, I couldn't decide whether I even wanted to post anything today. I mean whose reading blogs anyway? But when I came across the CV below, I felt it necessary and relevant to find this person a job, because God knows, we need more people doing this kind of work.  I will only post this CV today because of the miasma of dispair that this week has resulted in. I know it's a little dramatic, but I'll post the other two CV's on Monday. 

This CV belongs to a female lawyer who has a lot of experience in that she's worked in some of the top firms in South Africa and abroad, but she actually really wants to do legal work for NGO's.  Her work as a Gender Based Violence and Health Attorney as well as her research and advocacy in Aids Research in the last 2 years is the kind of work she seeks.  To contact the person this CV belongs to, please send an email to 

Gender: Female
Nationality: South African


2002            University of Port Elizabeth - LLB (Bachelor of Laws) Degree
2003            University of Port Elizabeth - School for Legal Practice, Post Graduate Diploma
2005 - 2006 University of Cape Town - LLM (Master of Laws) Degree in Shipping Law

Work Experience

2004 - 2005 Hofmeyr, Herbstein & Gihwala - 2 year Articles of Clerkship
2005            High Court of South Africa - Admission as an Attorney
2006            Bowman Gilfillan Cape Town - Junior Associate, Maritime and Transport Dpt;
                    Women's International Shipping and Trading Association - Executive Committee Member,             
2007            Secondment to Holland and Knight, New York, USA - Foreign Lawyer, International 
                    Trainee Program - Conducint legal research and providing legal opinions and attending 
                    UNCITRAL debates at the United Nations representing South Africa. 

2008            Maritime Lawyers' Associate, Executive Committee Member of Cape Town Chapter
2008 - 2009 Bowman Gilfillan, Cape Town - Promotion to Senior Associate, Maritime and Transport
2009 - 2010 Diko Loss Adjustors: Liability Specialist
2010 - 2011 Associate Attorney at Shepstone and Wylie

2011            Gender Based Violence and Health Attorney at Women's Legal Centre - 

                    The position entailed attending Court cases related to discrimination based on sexual 
                    orientation, facilitating training with health-care personnel and consellors on the Domestic
                    Violence Act and Sexual Offenses Act, making submissions to various partner
                    organisations on issues related to sexual and reproductive rights including those of 
                    marginalised groups, facilitating community workshops on gender-based violence and 
                    sexual and reproductive health rights, giving legal advice to women on gender based 
                    violence and sexual and reproductive health rights. 
2011            Executive Committee Member of Team Building Team: Women's Legal Centre

2012            Aids Legal Network - Advocacy and Policy Researcher - 

                    The position entailed community dialogues with women and men to address gender and 
                    power imbalances and the role these play in the vulnerability of women, girls and boys to 
                    HIV infection and violence.  Administering questionnaires in communities to research the 
                    impact of stigma, discrimination and gender violence on women, girls and boys living with
                    HIV. Conducting policy research and publishing legal articles.  Facilitating workshops
                    regarding HIV prevention needs for women and girls. Capacity building and mobilizing
                    women in communities to form task teams. Preparing workshop material based on health  
                    legislation including but not limited to HIV counselling and testing policy guidelines,
                    WHO testing guidelines, the National Strategic Plan on HIV, National Health Act, 
                    Domestic Violence Act and Sexual Offenses amongst others. 



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh my gaawwwd! These girls are bananas!  I found them on Youtube! They have a channel called MMandKK where they post random talking heads videos about whatever's on their minds. They are adorable and funny and we need more young Africans telling their stories, airing their opinions, making shit up just for fun because the sun has almost set on other people telling us stories about ourselves. 


Our girl Solange (ours as if she's ours lol) graces the cover of the current Fader Magazine.  On the back of releasing her EP True, which I can't stop listening to nor playing at the shop, Solange is interviewed by the uber cool music and culture mag.  Read the full story here.  I must say, I didn't really care for her music before I dug her style, I didn't even care that she was a musician.  But this EP, hayi shem, it's nice yona, from beginning to end.  I blasted Lovers in The Parking Lot while driving back from Nirox on Saturday with my super cynical about music friends.  I kept saying YAAAY FOR POP MUSIC. They were not impressed. I didn't care!  


The trio from iseeadifferentyou were recently in Senegal by the looks of it.  I just watched their Ted X Talk on their blog where they relay a little more about their Senegalese trip.  I like these pictures, they look right at home.  The boys have their first photo Tokyo, Japan! Nice.  

Why you talk so white!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Uhuru might just be closer than we think black people. Listen to this wise wise woman answer the question ''Why you talk to white?''. 

Yes please!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

I like this T Magazine illustration, this informal history of the red lip through the ages.  Note how there's no red in the 1960s. It was the era of Ice Cream pink

All is well

Friday, February 8, 2013

Now that my Melissa shoes have arrived after waiting for them since October, let the sweet smell of happy feet take over.  I've been taking them off and just looking at them like it's my new born baby. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, round two of this new feature to this blog which I still need to find a name for.  These are the CV's of young, qualified but unemployed South Africans.  This time, the CV's are much more concise than last week, it looks better, last week's CVs involved too much scrolling.  I am currently working towards making this a separate tab within my blog, a place where people can actually fill in a form with their details so that all of them are concise and consistent. That should be in a couple of weeks Inshallah. These things need money and time but in the mean time, please bare with this might as well be HTML elementary amateurism.  That said, the important thing is that this information is out there, so here you go. If you would like to contact any of the people in these CV's, send an email to and if you would like to submit your CV for future posts, you can email the same address. Phambili.

CV 1

Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Drivers Licence: Valid with own vehicle
City: Johannesburg


Secondary: King David High School, 2005
Tertiary:University of Witwatersrand: Fine Art majoring in Photography and English Literature.
Vega Brand Communication School: Copywriting, Graphic Design, Multimedia Programming, Marketing, Advertising
Varsity College: Journalism concentrating on Media Studies, News Writing, Sub-Editing, Broadcast Journalism, Publishing, Media Law, Photography, Internet Journalism and opinion writing.

Work Experience:

2012 Owen Kessel Communications: Creative Assistant and Office Manager
2012 Lady Ravenheard Wordsmiths: Senior proof-reader, professional blogger and creative writer
2011 DealClick: Copywriter
2011 Seventies80s: Event Manager

Freelance Writing for the following digital and print publications:

One Small Seed, Mahala, Chasseur, Gummie, Jhb Live, Reserved Life, Hune, One Dog Chicken and SA Music News amongst others.  Experienced in writing on social awareness specialising in South African Youth as well as life orientation topics about gender, rape, sexuality and drugs.


CV 2 - This young woman is one of the many who study one thing and after graduating, find that they want to do something entirely different.  She has an impressive qualification but would like to explore opportunities in the marketing and branding space. She is ready to start at the beginning in a suitable creative space (rather than the bottom I say) and work her way up. And she still has all that degree knowledge.

Nationality: South African

Gender: Female
Drivers Licence: Not yet
City: Johannesburg


Secondary: Clarendon Girls High School, East London, 2007
Tertiary: 2008 - 2011
University of the Witwatersrand: BCom Business Finance and Insurance and Risk Management. Majored in Marketing and other subjects include Portfolio Theory, Porfolio Management, Basic Economic and Statistic Tools and Marketing Theory, Research, Strategy and Services

Work Experience:

2012 Standard Bank Financial Consultancy: Financial Advisor

2011 VIP Guests: Campaign Assistant: Coordinating events for Brand Experiences, dealing with   clients and briefs including artists, guests and public attendants.
2010 Red Black: Data Capturing at expos, corporate functions and conferences.
2010 Student Village: Brand Promotion - direct marketing, brand activations


CV 3

Nationality: South African

Gender: Female
City: Johannesburg


Secondary: Pretoria Girls High, 2003

Tertiary: 2009 - 2012
University of Cape Town: Bachelor of Social Science  majoring in Law, Politics and Sociology

Work Experience:

2007-09 Eskom (Pty) Ltd - Secretariat and Vendor Management in the Commercial Enterprises Division - coordinated and administered R20 million - R60million and R3/8 million TC meetings
2007 Kelvin Village Pharmacy - Shop Assistant

2006 SnapDragon Media Partners - Relationship Manager. Responsibilities included networking new business with a focus on below-the-line-marketing, maintaining old client relationships, planning, managing and implementing events and promotions for clients. Processing model bookings, planning strategy workshops I was responsible for the models - this CV is very detailed with the various interchangeable roles that this person played in her working career.  
2005 Brian Kahn Attorneys Inc - Article Clerk. Responsibilities included assisting principal Attorney in the day-to-day administration of client’s files, drafting of legal documents and consulting with new clients.