Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aaahh you guys I BLAME OSCAR!!! Thought there would be more entries but I guess everybody's thunder this week has been stolen by the tweet by tweet lowdown on Oscar's bail application! Or was the competition too difficult? Anyway, it does not matter. Thank you to those who entered. 

I had to do another random selection to pick the winner - I asked a friend of mine two pick two numbers between 1 and 6 and she picked 1 and 4 so I guess congratulations to Nkhensani who wins herself a Jinjer Jack leather bag and to Revi Govender who wins the beautiful leather belt, also from Jinger Jack. Please email with your details and I'll have your things delivered to you early next week. 

Sunny-bonani people of the South! Today I'm giving away these two beautiful leather goods made in South Africa to two randomly lucky people.  But I'm not going to make it easy unless you know your stuff!  If you can guess who makes these bags and where they make them, you are in luck.  The rules are simple:

1. Guess the makers of this bag and belt and their location
2. Like their page on Facebook or start following them on Twitter 
3. Enter your name and answer in the comments section on this blog
4. Competition closes at 12.00 tomorrow

The 10th person to get the answer right gets the bag! The 16th person gets the belt!  Easy peasy. Whoever wins the bag...snap! Goodluck! Clue: It's made in South Africa


Nkhensani said...

I can see myself growing old with that fine leather Jinger Jack Cape Town clutch! It's kinda what my dreams are made of right now My dreams, and my smart-casual evening outfits for at least the next month :)

*fingers crossed*

HoneyBee said...
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Pamela xxx said...

The designer is Jinger Jack and they are headquarted in Cape Town...

Lulu N
Twitter : @Zoeloe_Lulu

Revi said...

The answer is Jinger Jack and they are located in Cape Town.Well all the best to me, because I hope I win!

Revi Govender

Amy Naidoo said...

That's most definitely the uber awesome Jinger Jack from Cape Town! i've followed them on twitter! been coveting one of their stunning clutches for so long now. Yay fingers and toes crossed

khwaza tshisela said...

Snap! I'm typing this up quickly and in a sweat... I think I just just made it on time *phew* MILLI!!! I need that bag!! The answer is Jinger Jack and they're made in the mother city of Cape Town. Followed the account on Twitter, unfortunately I don't own a Facebook account. Gorgeous leather items, ideal for the upcoming season, Autumn, my favourite! Pick me pretty please! Love your work.

@khwazatshisela (twitter)

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