Monday, February 4, 2013

Late last year I received an email from a woman called Nina Ziefvert who was emailing because she wanted to know if I like clogs. That's the equivalent of asking whether babies like milk or not. I responded with a positive yes because long have I been a fan of the footwear choices of many a Scandinavian generation.  She then responded by saying she would like to give me, yes give me a pair of clogs because she likes my blog and she read about me in that W Magazine article about Joburg and and well one doesn't really need many reasons to give a gift, especially if this is what the recipient has to choose from the following:

Nina Ziefvert turned out to be the founder and designer of New York based clog brand Nina Z which I am now and forever in love with.  The leather and wood clogs are designed in the US and are hand made by two men in hills of Sweden.  I loved them so much that I asked Nina if she would be interested in stocking these at MeMeMe and she happily agreed to indulge my fantasy of spreading this wooded love in South Africa.

She actually came to South Africa and we met earlier this month where she showed me all the styles.  When I was left with the impossible task of picking one shoe (I mean really) out of these, Nina was kind enough to say ''take two'' and at that point my shield of politeness failed to activate and I indeed, took another pair. 

What do you think of them? I was wearing my pair on Saturday (and every other day) at the shop and a customer asked me about them and begged me to let her know when we would have more in store.  Mememe Jhb and Cape Town will be selling these just as soon as we can get them here, plus when we launch our online store, you'll be able to buy them there.  Meeting Nina and the shoes in real life was wonderful and we've been communicating about how to get them here by Autumn.  Nina has a Clog Blog that I have since started visiting regularly and it's also where I found out that she styled last month's W Magazine cover.  

Check out Nina's website and blog and prepare your feet for Swedish invasion. I will definitely let you guys know when the shoes are are for all to wear! How awesome is her look book? Can't wait for winter. 


Nomali said...

I want! I want! While reading this I was holding thumbs for the "coming to South Africa" bit. I shall start saving. These are really beautiful! And YES to her book. Eek! Will be bookmarking a whole lot of Nina Z when I get home.

Thanks for sharing, MIlli.

jesica thandeka said...

I need a pair! So much beauty in the world of fashion. How much would these retail for? Do stock up a size 7/40 Uk. <3

Black Forrest said...

Wow those are beautifully unique. would love a pair...details please!!!

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