Launch of 54 on Sixth

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So last week Saturday, Two and Mememe launched 54 on Sixth, which happens to be our physical address but also a new concept that the two Joburg based brands (note how I’m writing in the third person) have launched as a different approach to shopping for us Jozi girls who have pretty much had enough of malls and mall rats.

54 on Sixth is the ultimate shopping destination for South African designer ready to wear clothing featuring Two’s first stand-alone store and of course, the second branch of Mememe which stocks very special local designers like Adam and Eve, Doreen Southwood, Christopher Strong, Black Coffee and Mr Price 031 Collection winner, Cindy Armstrong’s Eb + Am label.

In addition to that, the universe has provided us with a beautiful garden and swimming pool area which we have decided to use as an event space that we are going to hire out to women in Jhb.  We’ve already had our first event – Last Friday, Capsule Collections hired the space out to sell an insane collection of shoes from Alberta Ferreti, Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti! Screw the weather outside, the winds of spending were blowing within the shops and we are very happy to say our doors are open for more women to come forward and hire the space for pretty much anything including birthday dinners/lunches, hen parties, book clubs, craft clubs etc etc etc. Just give us a call and we will say yay or nay (as much as we’d love to host, we can’t like, have someone’s wedding there). And of course we also plan to have our own events. The next one happens to be TON Thursday 30 March – Two stocks Melissa Shoes and tomorrow night they are having a big launch for the gorgeous shoes – expect a beautiful Brazilianesque vibe and a lot of happy feet! Here's what wend down last week...

The minute we opened our doors at 12. It was a mayhem. 

Just one of the many shoes on sale tonight at the Melissa Shoes Launch

Kelly Fraser from Voila and Sara Badat from Lisof and The Frock Report blog

Dolly and Akua enjoying some of the really cheesy stuff
In true 54 on Sixth Style, shopping turned into an afternoon out by the pool
We had plenty of Vawter to drink.

And a loooot of this too

We have THE most AMAZING website for 54 on Sixth but it will only be ready on the 8th of July. It’s going to be such a treat as it will have a calendar with all the year’s events and you are all welcome to come to them! The info will all be on the website when live but for now, contact or for more info or any questions regarding events that you would like to attend or have at the space. Thank you to everybody that came last week Saturday. We love making new friends and we hope to see you soon. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

I was actually looking for pictures of Ajak Deng when I found pics of Jourdan Dunn.  Because unfortunately in this world of ours, black models are always classified and grouped by race.  This particularly beautiful picture is from a Vogue Italia shoot that was in the mag's Feb 11 issue.  Undoubtedly, the shoot and the pictures are beautiful because the models are gorg but I rolled my eyes when I saw the title of the shoot - The Black Allure. What are we in 1841? When black people were exotic and alluring to white people because they were ''different''?  I think there's something wrong, on a fundamental level, with the fact that in 2011, in a magazine as global as Vogue, black models are polarised and grouped under the auspices of creating a  fashion statement using their racial identity. The usual suspects, Chanel Iman, Ajak Deng and Melodie Monrose were among the group of 9 black models featured in the issue.  US Vogue also did the same thing in March this year, featuring black musicians like John Legend with black models - it can't be a one issue a year thing.  It can't be that black models will only be featured on a special occasion.  We need to get to a time when it ain't a thing that the model on the cover or on a campaign is black or whatever.  I don't mean to dampen the already wet mood of a Monday but this is so unvogue. 


Hermes Bag. Celine Skirt
Commes des Garcon bag. I die for these tats. 

Grace is Bananas.  Prada-nanananas!
Love Plaid

Polo People
Tommy Ton took these. They've added some colour to my week! Have a good Monday!

Calling All Shoeshanistas

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Image is of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes from Sea of Shoes

54 on Sixth, the home of Mememe and Two is having a bit of a shoe party on Friday during the day. Well, it's not ours. Capsule Collections, the brain child of model/show producer/business woman, Adhiambo Lauwers, is hosting a little champ-sipping shoe shopping party at our venue on on Friday.  What's up for grabs? Mmm how do I say this without causing toxic shock syndrome? How does Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti and Giusppe Zanotti shoes and accessories in the range of R2000 sound? This will all be happening at
54 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg aka Mememe and Two.
10.30 - 17.30 

Be there, or be:
Lol remember that?


I think I should just have a weekly section in my blog for Nicole, my beautiful stylish friend who comes to visit me once a week and always looks amazing. Yesterday she paid us a visit wearing a top she bought from us the week before. It's by August and it was made for her.

i love you bitch face!

Mememe Hot Picks for this week

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I just got back to the shop today and saw that we've got the most wonderful new stock! I don't usually do this because it's too much admin but I have to show you a few of my fave pieces!

Eb and Am (the Mr Price 031 Collections winner) R548
Silverspoon R440

Doreen Southwood R250

Silverspoon R480

Silverspoon R680

Doreen Southwood R990

The shirt is Non-European R600, Leather Skirt is by Jane Sews, R1400 and Leatherette Dress is by Rachel De Mart for R1500 
Silk chiffon skirt by Eb and Am is R465
I can't believe how lucky we are to have such wonderful suppliers. South African designers rock!

Oh Mrs O

I have always adored and admired Michelle Obama, if you need a reason from me, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Her style is impeccable, she has never had an ''oops'' fashion moment (by my standards at least) and this is the perfect opportunity to share with you guys pics from a site that I visit regularly for inspiration, a site dedicated to her outfits.  Another reason is that she's in South Africa on a state visit and two people that I know, Precious Kofi and Jennifer Thorpe are actually going to meet her in Cape Town at the Young African Leader conference, or something.  Jelz.

This is the first official pic of her arriving in SA wearing a Duro Olowu jacket. He's a London based Nigerian designer. Amazing Grace I tell ya. 

She looks regal. This is what she wore when she was a guest of Queen Elizabeth last month.

How divine are these earrings? First worn when she visited Buckingham Palace

The "First Girls'' lol LOVE ET - draped in South African blankets. This is great PR for us by the way