Launch of 54 on Sixth

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So last week Saturday, Two and Mememe launched 54 on Sixth, which happens to be our physical address but also a new concept that the two Joburg based brands (note how I’m writing in the third person) have launched as a different approach to shopping for us Jozi girls who have pretty much had enough of malls and mall rats.

54 on Sixth is the ultimate shopping destination for South African designer ready to wear clothing featuring Two’s first stand-alone store and of course, the second branch of Mememe which stocks very special local designers like Adam and Eve, Doreen Southwood, Christopher Strong, Black Coffee and Mr Price 031 Collection winner, Cindy Armstrong’s Eb + Am label.

In addition to that, the universe has provided us with a beautiful garden and swimming pool area which we have decided to use as an event space that we are going to hire out to women in Jhb.  We’ve already had our first event – Last Friday, Capsule Collections hired the space out to sell an insane collection of shoes from Alberta Ferreti, Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti! Screw the weather outside, the winds of spending were blowing within the shops and we are very happy to say our doors are open for more women to come forward and hire the space for pretty much anything including birthday dinners/lunches, hen parties, book clubs, craft clubs etc etc etc. Just give us a call and we will say yay or nay (as much as we’d love to host, we can’t like, have someone’s wedding there). And of course we also plan to have our own events. The next one happens to be TON Thursday 30 March – Two stocks Melissa Shoes and tomorrow night they are having a big launch for the gorgeous shoes – expect a beautiful Brazilianesque vibe and a lot of happy feet! Here's what wend down last week...

The minute we opened our doors at 12. It was a mayhem. 

Just one of the many shoes on sale tonight at the Melissa Shoes Launch

Kelly Fraser from Voila and Sara Badat from Lisof and The Frock Report blog

Dolly and Akua enjoying some of the really cheesy stuff
In true 54 on Sixth Style, shopping turned into an afternoon out by the pool
We had plenty of Vawter to drink.

And a loooot of this too

We have THE most AMAZING website for 54 on Sixth but it will only be ready on the 8th of July. It’s going to be such a treat as it will have a calendar with all the year’s events and you are all welcome to come to them! The info will all be on the website when live but for now, contact or for more info or any questions regarding events that you would like to attend or have at the space. Thank you to everybody that came last week Saturday. We love making new friends and we hope to see you soon. 


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