Afraid Of Mice

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I didn't do much hanging out when I was in Cape Town, I came here to rest and so my mini break involved a lot of dog walking, wine drinking and putting my feet up.  I did have a brief liaison with Long Street though and was pleasantly surprised when I walked past a new shop called Afraid of Mice.  The store belongs to the sisters who had the Afraid of Mice vintage stand at The Old Biscuit Mill that everybody (well at least me) used to die over.  Their store is as whimsical and beautiful as the vintage Escada, Paul Smith, Dior, DKNY and all the other amazing international designer pieces the shop is clothed in.  I only looked at one price tag, a pair of vintage tortoise shell Paul Smith spectacles for a cool R3200.  I was afraid to look at the other prices because Im totally broke right now but I'm sure they won't scare the money out of your wallet! Shop is on the corner of Long and Longmarket Street in Cape Town or 88 on Long Street.

This is a note that is placed outside the shop


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