Skinny Legs and All

Sunday, June 19, 2011

When I was in Cape Town this past weekend, I had a really nice breakfast at a new place called Skinny Legs and All on Loop street opposite Lunar.  It's owned by 21 year old twins. Yes, I also had this facial expression when I heard that :-/

It's all organic healthy food served on retro (I imagine it comes from the 70s) crockery, a clean and quiet environment with interesting art to look at.  I had a delicious fizzy homemade lemonade (one of the best I've tasted), scrambled eggs with sweet tomatoes and basil and toasted sourdough bread.  I wouldn't have chosen the toasted option had I known it was going to be like cutting through a piece of wood, but I can't complain about the rest of the place.  It was simply, a pleasure to be there.  I was with my friends Doreen and Mla. They had a sandwich called The Lumberjack with grilled chicken, Avo and a special sauce and the same bread I had. To drink, Mla had a knee-jerkingly delicious banana smoothie and Doreen had a grapefruit, ginger and lime juice, which was also really special.  It's a little bit over priced at an average of R60 for a sandwich but I guess somebody has to pay for the artworks by artists like Brett Murray and photographic works by Brigitte Baker.  Go there, you will no doubt, have a good time. The address is 70 Loop Street, Cape Town. 


Gira said...

I love your blog!! its awesome to find a fashion/style blog which is applicable to my environment(being a capetonian)lovin keeping track of your posts :):)

serisha said...

I love this! Never been to this little place but I think I love it more because it shares the name of a series of books about a group of girls and their ballet class that I read religiously when I was young.

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