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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I never used to think so but I've recently been schooled that Vogue sunglasses are actually pretty cool! On Wednesday night, I was invited to the amazing Atholl Place Boutique Hotel in Sandton (or is it Inanda?) to basically come and choose a pair of Vogues to wear around town.  I wasn't the only one, there were about 20 other really stylish girls from Joburg who were there for the same thing.

We were each given a number just to democratize the whole thing so that there would be no cat-fighting. Well let me tell you, I was almost in one for the only pair of sunglasses that wasn't a double or triple. I was number one out of 25 so they split us into groups of five and the one girl in my group wanted the same pair that I had picked first! If looks could kill I tell ya, I would be meat! But I'm not dead and I won the battle for these, I'm sure she hates my guts. Sorry gal!

It's actually the pair on the bottom right!

Here are more pics from that lovely evening!

This is my friend, Jayde, who is the Brand Manager of Vogue sunglasses. We were in school together from Standard 3 to Matric. 


How cute is her velvet jacket and just how done up she is? 

I really like how this girl was dressed, it's the London Look of course

This is a really beautiful place nestled deep in suburbia, you would never know it's there just by driving past, and I think I like that.


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