Happy Birthday Kanye

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

 It's not secret how much I love Yeezy and his whole crazy thing.  I loved him even more after he told Taylor Swift where to stick it, although for morality's sake, that was uncool.  Although I'm sure MANY people thought what he had the guts to say.  Anyway, bygones. All these years later, he's redeemed himself by releasing an awesome album (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - how cool is the Runaway Video?), aging well and sealing his fate as an iconic fashionista if there ever was one in the hip hop fraternity.  Before him, there weren't many rappers attending high fashion shows but now you hear mega stars like Jay Z talking about Martin Margiella in their songs? This coming from a man who was the poster boy for baggy jeans and big tees. Look at him now. 

I think Kanye Omari West had a lot to do with that. Speaking of which, the birthday boy is rumoured to be relocating to Paris to focus on being a fashion designer. Earlier this year, there were rumours that he was going to register at The Central St Martins College in London, I wouldn't be surprised! He caused a bit of a stir this year when he donned a Celine women't shirt at the Coachella Festival - of course he pulled it off and it's kinda started a trend of more boys feeling comfy in girls clothes. My friends and local bloggers Maque De Georgeous and Sandiso Ngubane are testament of this. They shop at Mememe! Thank you Kanye The Trend Setter West. Also, check out this months South African Elle Magazine where my neighbour, friend and fellow blogger who writes for Elle, Janine Jellars paid tribute to Kanye's fashion-isms.   Adore him as I do, my nigga has had a few ''eish'' fashion moments - like that guido suit and terrible hairstyle he had at the MTV awards one year, the fact that his whole bottom set of teeth is now made of diamonds and of course, that he's actually had a fashion label, Pastelle, that didn't end up the brightest crayon in the box. Don't worry Mr West, I will wait patiently for you to get your act together!

Kanye at this week's CFDA Awards
Kanye wore a Celine women's blouse at this year's Coachella! Pheobe Philo gave the nod! 


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