Monday, June 27, 2011

I was actually looking for pictures of Ajak Deng when I found pics of Jourdan Dunn.  Because unfortunately in this world of ours, black models are always classified and grouped by race.  This particularly beautiful picture is from a Vogue Italia shoot that was in the mag's Feb 11 issue.  Undoubtedly, the shoot and the pictures are beautiful because the models are gorg but I rolled my eyes when I saw the title of the shoot - The Black Allure. What are we in 1841? When black people were exotic and alluring to white people because they were ''different''?  I think there's something wrong, on a fundamental level, with the fact that in 2011, in a magazine as global as Vogue, black models are polarised and grouped under the auspices of creating a  fashion statement using their racial identity. The usual suspects, Chanel Iman, Ajak Deng and Melodie Monrose were among the group of 9 black models featured in the issue.  US Vogue also did the same thing in March this year, featuring black musicians like John Legend with black models - it can't be a one issue a year thing.  It can't be that black models will only be featured on a special occasion.  We need to get to a time when it ain't a thing that the model on the cover or on a campaign is black or whatever.  I don't mean to dampen the already wet mood of a Monday but this is so unvogue. 


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