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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yesterday afternoon was a write off.  I was invited to the amazing Randlords in Braamfontein for the Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans Luncheon, where I found that I made the cut (look out for this week's paper, the supplement is in there) :-) I met so many wonderful and talented people all under 35.  It was also a total meat market if you're looking - - Anyhoo, the inspiration for this post is because I met a wonderful girl called Jemma Grobelaar who is some intense international Kite Surfing (who knew?) champ and a plus size model!  She is also on this year's 200 Young South Africans for all of her achievements. She told me about this month's Vogue Itailia cover and how it featured some sexy plus sized mamacitas. I must agree, very sexy indeed. I then decided to look for 9 other cool covers. Enjoy. I have to say this, the girl on the right in the Vogue cover. She gives me a little tingle in a place that enjoys little tingles when the lights go out!

all images from fashion gone rogue


Cupcake Couture said...

How cool to get invited!
Nice covers. x

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