We were like a pack of wild wolves

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Well, at least I was! On Thursday morning, my good friend Thembi was in town for an Elle Magazine foodie bloggers shoot.  My plan was to go there for 10 minutes to say hi. Yeah right. I ended up spending 2 hours and assuming my position when I so wasn't invited. It ended up that I knew everyone on the team, except for one person, which after talking all morning, had made a new friend. 

My friend Thembi and her pink velvet cupcakes were almost the death of me that day.  

Chocolate Mustache that comes with Wolves hot chocolate!

The beautiful and talented French schooled chef Nomi

Thando Moleketi, one of the girls that cooked some yummy treats.

Cheska from Elle setting up 

As soon as that shoot was done, we got down to business and got busy all over that food. Wolves is such a cute place.


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