Oh Mrs O

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have always adored and admired Michelle Obama, if you need a reason from me, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Her style is impeccable, she has never had an ''oops'' fashion moment (by my standards at least) and this is the perfect opportunity to share with you guys pics from a site that I visit regularly for inspiration, a site dedicated to her outfits.  Another reason is that she's in South Africa on a state visit and two people that I know, Precious Kofi and Jennifer Thorpe are actually going to meet her in Cape Town at the Young African Leader conference, or something.  Jelz.

This is the first official pic of her arriving in SA wearing a Duro Olowu jacket. He's a London based Nigerian designer. Amazing Grace I tell ya. 

She looks regal. This is what she wore when she was a guest of Queen Elizabeth last month.

How divine are these earrings? First worn when she visited Buckingham Palace

The "First Girls'' lol LOVE ET - draped in South African blankets. This is great PR for us by the way


Vuyo said...

PS: also the clothes look good on her because she has a well built body. Damn, she looks good. Her arms and legs, you can tell she invests sometime in the gym. Wish the obese in USA & SA can learn from this. This is one subject I am passionate about, we expect to live longer lives BUT we don't eat right, let alone exercise!

rhee-ne said...

a moment in history - love Mrs O

Douglas Dasi said...

One thing I love about her is that, one can tell she is a stylish person from the core, she's not trying to be anyone she's not. As Michael Kors said "no one whom we know as a great person of style was a fashion victim". This woman knows who she is and she is working her wardrobe to illustrate her taste and style.

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