This is my contribution to supporting South African Designers

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yours would be to come and support small initiatives like this while risking looking really good! If you can't wait till the ninth, make sure you pop into Hyde Park this weekend for the Food, Wine and Design thing happening there - Two, Black Coffee, David Tlale, House of Ole and Love Jozi amongst others will be at Marie Claire's Pop Up Shop this whole weekend. Here's the programme:

If you're not in the mall rat mood, check out two new stores I like very much at 70 on Juta

When you're there, make sure you go to Twenty Two and Guillotine

One man's trash....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is London based Lu Flux's latest collection for mens and womens. Lu Flux believes in reusing old fabrics and vintage pieces to make new things out of them, which is great though, I don't think a black person could pull of these looks - only a white person can make poverty look kinda cool. These guys are selling the trailer park, Deliverance vibe and it kinda works. I can see Eve Rakow in these dresses. This is how she was dressed last night when I saw her at The Street:

Pics courteousy of Coute que Coute

Hedi + Freja = My funeral

I just can't. My favourite model and my favourite photographer met for Vogue Paris Nov 2010 issue. Thank you Fashion Gone Rogue

Brett Rubin

Monday, November 22, 2010

A few weeks ago I met a lovely and polite young man whose energy was the calm in the storm of a room of about 20 (mostly Xhosa) women at the amazing Winston Hotel. It was a friend's birthday party we were downing pink champers as if our lives depended on it (as one does). I had heard about photographer Brett Rubin and have actually featured his work on my blog earlier this year, but I was pleasantly surprised at how chilled and unaffected he was considering the fact that his reputation precedes him. Here's why one would be forgiven for thinking that because he is talented, he may be an asshole. He is the opposite of that. This is his latest shoot for local designer Suzaan Heyns' latest collection. Suzaan's collections are usually dark, eerie, serious and usually well executed. I think these two work well together.

Images are from Brett's Blog - pay it a visit. You'll see what I mean.

CECILIA CASSINI World's Youngest (and most annoying) Fashion Designer

Thursday, November 18, 2010

She's 10 and she's got a full on fashion design business with a website that shows her very 10 year old kinda designs. She would be like, so adorable if like, she wasn't like, totally annoyyyying. She's taken the Kourtney Kardashian twang to another level and it's just not appealing in any way, shape or form. I blame Willow Smith and her equally annoying but very catchy whip my hair song for all these kidults out there. I wanna whip this kid back into childhood! Like, li-te-ra-lly!!!

Wishing for Winter

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's been a scorcher in Joburg so I particularly enjoyed today's grey summer day. I was inside a blanket all day writing away. Subconsciously, I was dreaming of these:

Thom Browne's Spring Summer 2011 Collection. Clearly summers are cooler in America. This collections makes me wish for two things;
Tommy Ton's camera and to one day drink out of champagne glasses shaped like the ones in these pictures.

These are some of Tommy Ton's personal fave pics for winter looks plus a few from Paris fashion week.

Skinny white girls and melancholy-ness

I love French actress and singer Lou Doillon, but even more in her quirky little dances in Vanessa Bruno's clothes. Enjoy missing a heart beat to this beautiful film.

These amazing pictures were taken by Israeli English Litt student and clearly great photogpher, Yulia Gorodinski. Thanks Dazed