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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow, I hate it when you're on a roll of good days and good things because you get used to the high spirits and irreverable smiles.......until you have a bayd day! I've had one of those today. I once read a book that said just let those days happen and look forward to the next thing. So month week I'm looking forward to the following:

The launches for the ventures of my two wonderful friends! The first is Vuyiswa Mutshekwane's Twenty Two store opening this Sunday. Vie has been talking about this project all year and I'm so happy that it's finally coming together. The store will feature clothing from local designers, some of whom I've featured on Pulchritude like Tee and Whiskey! It's in Braamfontein around the Co-Op gallery corner, another hot spot it seems this weekend. Lisa Jaffe is having a 6 week sale at Co-Op and The Fake Sartorialist is also having an exhibition of his prints there (example above). This is all happening on Sunday, when I will be recovering from the Pulchritude Sale featuring some local fav's on sale (and I mean sale) on Saturday 6 November. Then there's Phillipa Yaa De Villiers' book launch on the 17th. It's a collection of poems that I hopefully haven't heard. I'm not a huge fan of poetry but I like hers. The anthology is called The Everyday Wife and I can't wait to read it. I'm having a drink now to wash away the memory of this day. Let's hope tomorrow is better!


princess V said...

Looks like you are a busy girl!Have lots of fun and take pics:)


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