Wear South African

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is not my idea, but that of Jenny Le Roux and Habits in Cape Town. But I'm deciding to take it and run with it because the intention is all good. The response has already been great. This morning, before I told her about WSA (Wear South African), my housemate came into my room to say goodbye as she was leaving for work, and she just happened to be looking adorbs in Black Coffee and Adam and Eve :-). Then I tweeted about it and got a response from Girl About Town Carey Townsend, with a link to a great new website called Spence (images below) - this has to be a weekly thing people! This is a great initiative to wake up to, especially after last night's Pulchritude Pre-Sale and how much people loved their local designer purchases, (I now unfortunately know the sounds that some people emit during orgasm). There's more to come on Saturday in Parktown North.

These images are from the Spence website - will fill you in later on who is behind that! From left, Selfi, Take Care (I currently have these dress for sale tomorrow), Christopher Strong and Adriaan Kuiters. So I have this idea, from next week or today if you are wearing South African, take a pic of your pride and send to me and I'll post it on the blog: milisuthandobongela@gmail.com - I will do the same as soon as I get out of bed today :-)


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