Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hi Guys

My sister is getting married tomorrow and I'm at home in East London faffing and fussing and being a very excited sister!  This is the first time I have connected my computer since Monday.  Will be back after everything on Monday!

Peace xxx


Monday, November 26, 2012

Mornin Bitses!  I have a new virtual crush (everyday), a photography blog called Fresh Wall Street published by photographer Allen Coleman who is no doubt the guy in the header who regularly posts pictures of his own outfits.  By the looks of things, he travels around Africa documenting what we look like, at least the all the stylish youngsters who refuse to admit their hipsterness.  He has a good eye for good looking people, go check out the rest here.


Friday, November 23, 2012

It's difficult to accord respect towards someone or something when you are accorded the opposite by said someone or something.    My mother taught me to be polite, to have manners and to always behave gracefully.  I have not always done so, (who am I kidding hahah I have to remind myself how to sit properly) but today, I am mustering up all the lady in me in response to an article in the latest issue of Marie Claire South Africa with the cover headline Time to give ''it'' girls a miss.  What's next for Paris, Kim and Co? I'm a regular buyer of MC (especially when I'm in the social pictures in the back, my life's ambition) and generally enjoy the content and stance of the magazine and would have probably glossed over this particularly chewed subject of an article had it not be for a tweet I was mentioned in by fellow blogger Alex van Tonder of Cape Town Girl.  

The tweet read: I LOLled at 's hoping  & I 'bow out of the party scene gracefully'. Anyone who knows me knows how funny that is.  

I responded in confusion that was eventually cleared up when I read the article sitting on the porch of one of Mememe's suppliers, where I had gone for a meeting.  She handed me the magazine and I read with intrigue a perfect confluence of anti-feminism + snide commentary + irresponsible journalism.  ''They appear out of nowhere, then just as rapidly, their stars fade.'' reads the blurb and the writer launches into an intellectualized quasi definition of what an it girl is, quoting novelist Elinor Glyn's description of it girls from a 1927 issue of Cosmopolitan in which she says ''it'' girls and boys are roughly ''an elusive spirit that draws all others with its magnetic foce, a quality of mind as well as a physical attraction''.  Nothing wrong with that I thought, it's probably a fair description although I find the whole idea of ''it'' girl, ''it'' bag ''it'' anything pretty irrelevant these days.   

The article then takes the predictable turn of contemptuously naming ''it'' girls of a contemporary era, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Tara Parker Tomlinson and 60's model and muse Edie Sedgewick.  I will not do you the displeasure of dissecting the article because the truth is (I wanna get to the juicy bits and) the whole topic is boring and so will this little response if I carry on with it.  I'll just share some golden nuggets that led to me being mentioned in the first place, as a sort of afterthought, a sneaky little jab on the last paragraph. Not that I am an ''it'' girl but, according to Marie Claire, these are some of the qualities of an ''it'' girl, this thing that I am waiting to be:

''Their inherited money and DNA borne status is what gets them noticed in the first place: to ensure attention, it's expedient to hang out in desirable venues with similarly well heeled youngsters''.  Gosh, how I wonder when my good looking grandmother will die so that her spirit can unlock the jewels in the family heirloom cabinet that I am sure to inherit.  

''You need some big break through to crack it girl status'' Can't say when precisely but I think it's happening'' 

''These days they have to look highly groomed in designerwear and at some point launch their own range of designerwear'' - Ok that one is true lol! 

''It girl status is a poisoned chalice: don't expect neutral reviews when you fall back on your talents after cruising along on money, looks and influence for years''  Please. Somebody pass me poison in a metal wine glass and I will willfully insert it into every orifice of mine when I'm done cruising along on money, looks and influence.  

But this is totally presumptuous of me because as it turns I AM NOT AN IT GIRL...BUT (gasp) AN IT GIRL IN WAITING. What? After all the hair swinging, champagne drinking and not working I do, how dare they reduce me to the lower crust wing girl status in the shadows of my predecessors the three K's: Khanyi Mbau, Kelly Khumalo and Kuli Roberts?

''But there always it-girls-in-waiting'' it reads.  ''Replacing the Kuli's, Khanyi's and Kellys are figures like YFM DJ Twins Hlelo and Ntando Masina, model Lauren Marshall, 'Cape Town Girl' blogger Alex van Tonder and Jozi fashionista Milisuthando Bongela.  Let's just hope they know when to bow out of the party circuit gracefully.  There's a reason the term 'It woman' doesn't exist.''

Ouch Marie Claire.  Eina ladies! For a magazine that prides itself on being the monthly choice of thinking women who do their thinking while simultaneously looking amazing, this is a bit of a boo boo innit?  It's something I would expect in Cosmopolitan, (South African) People or even Heat.  Nevermind the fact that Associated Magazines is a female captained ship, with an all female editorial team and a woman at its helm - this is the kind of insular approach that makes us look like bitches who wanna bring other bitches down.  But I must confess, the overseas has-been celebrities mentioned in the article, are not my biggest concern.

Why did you guys feel the need to include hard-working, career driven, focused, intelligent young women who earn their money honestly?  Yes I like to have a bit of a boogie, actually a lot of a boogie at parties, because that's what I like and it so happens to have a positive influence on what I do to make money.  I have a lot of respect for Alex (she has one of the most successful lifestyle and fashion blogs in this country that's much bigger than this one, I mean look at her masthead and sidebars), Ntando & Hlelo (they have a radio show, a TV show and are fully fledged rising starts in local media) and Lauren Marshall (global campaigns are on her CV including Clinique and Pandora), people whose labour is palpable at the click of the search button on Google!  Should I perhaps post my CV on here so you can perhaps at least have an educated opinion of me before you diss me with ink? I don't mind being dissed for the things that I do, do being the operative word. Yes I'm a fashionista and to some that may seem like my life is about attending launches and having tet-a-tet's but I carved my career out of nothing to become someone you guys, Marie Claire sometimes call for my opinion, a contribution and you invite me to your events which I attend with pleasure.  I am very proud of what I do and honoured to be counted amongst my peers. I am not waiting to be anything, I already am who I am.

Ok enough time taken out of my empty schedule for this.  Read Alex's brilliantly droll response to this article on her blog today.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hi my name is Mili and I am addicted to beautiful things.  

I'm getting these beautiful tribal trend accessories from Woolworths this week and I'd like one of you to have them too.  I'm not usually a follow trends kind of person, I can get by on what I like but I can't resist these Tribal Techno Trend pieces.  I like how it hasn't been a literal translation of batik and ikat patterns and bold prints but that they subtle and in a way timeless versions of it. Ok so it's giveaway time,  just answer this simple question, when does Woolies launch this new Tribal Inspired Summer Range in stores?  And the scarf, bag and bangles are coming your way. 

See more of this trend on Woolies' Pintrest as well as the website.  Toodles for now. The winner will be the firs correct answer submitted. Competition closes at 18.00 today! Submit your entries in the comments section. 



Oh me oh my, these are ever so lovely and I know the person that makes them.  Going to see more of them this Sunday. If you like em, check back here on Monday when I'll have more images, more information about who they are by and how you can get your hands on them.  The best thing about these shoes is the prices.  


MeMeMe will be taking part in this oh so most exciting Pop Up shop in the new design destination, Kramerville.  This is your invitation.

MeMeMe Look Book Week 2

Hey girl! Check out what's new at ready to wear central MeMeMe!  If you want anything on this lookbook, let us know by emailing if you're in Jhb or if you are closer to Cape Town.  Or test us a little and email from out of the country and we'll see what we can do to get something to you.  Or you can simply call 011 447 1497 to enquire in Joburg and 021 424 0001 to enquire at the Cape Town store. By the way, if you have any suggestions, complaints or compliments about the look book, we would love to hear what you think.  We value what our customers think, so don't be shy. You can either leave a comment on this blog or email 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, a parallel universe in the form of fashion (label is too irresponsible a word) kingdom, Row-G has been right under our noses for the past five years.  A few weeks ago, I received a hand delivered invitation from the office of trend analyst and somebody whose taste and opinions I have known, trusted and respected for years,  Dion Chang.  The message came with a ''trust me on this one'' clause and in Dion we trust.  Oh man! 

Row-G, is a made to measure and ready to wear menswear label, for lack of a better word, that sees its clients by appointment only on the second floor of its very elegant, but not that gaudy nouvou riche ostentation, head quarters in Milpark.  It is a business in which the mother, father and brother/s of designer Rahim Rowjee are fully involved, from human resources, administration to champagne and canape tet-a-tet's with the media.  

We, a handful of about 9 media, were taken into a realm of quality, meticulous craftsmanship and pure class that I personally have never encountered in South African fashion, and I've seen things.  Before I felt a suit jacket or looked at what kind of lining accompanied the trousers, I was really impressed by the immediately palpable attention to detail and presentation adopted by this obviously erudite designer.  We were greeted by a tall woman with a thick Eastern European accent who wore a head piece that let her tell the people upstairs, that Milisuthando, Aspasia, Chipo or Sharon is on her way up; Dion introduced us to the designer and various family members, champagne in hand, while we marveled at our surroundings, a place concomitant with precision.

Row-G first showed at SA Fashion Week circa 2000 and was in the class of your Clive Rundles, Black Coffees and Stoned Cherries.  After that, Rahim decided to take a break from the industry before he, almost surreptitiously, made his return 5 years ago.  The showroom, where clients can choose from an array of up to 900 thread count fabrics from British and Italian Mills, houses jacket, trouser, collar, cuff and shirt samples and is only the tip of the iceberg, because the real fun happens downstairs in the factory.  I only ever read that Valentino or Karl Lagerveld's technical team all wear white lab coats when they are at work.  Well, I came face to face with this urban legendy type scenario, because the technical team at Row-G all wear white lab coats while they are at work.  That factory really did me in, first of all you could hear a pin drop safe for the sporadic sound of the buttonist or the pocket maker.  Secondly, it is filled with state of the art machinery, a perfect fusion of the abilities of the human hand and technology and there's even a quality control room - a sight that gives credence to this brand's dedication to producing a quality product.  

Why don't I have a (rich) boyfriend to play dress up with?  The cost of a made to measure suit or one designed from start to finish by Row-G? You're looking at parting with anything from R9 000 - R45 000 with up to 6 weeks delivery.  Yes, it's a lot. But if you have that kind of money and you like really nice things, then yes.  And nice things we had, champage, crayfish and oysters were our palette pleasures for the day.  This is a fantastic thing to happen to fashion in South Africa.  This is a business to watch with a lot of interest. 


Nabbed this from drone princess Rharha's blog which has links to her online jewellery store, which sells this jewellery.  


So Adrien Sauvage makes menswear...for women.  



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You should consider seeing a doctor if you do not have the urge to jaiva when you hear the beats of this ridiculously ayoba song.  I was driving through town blasting it out my car and two taxi's were on either side of me.  The passenger on the taxi on my right, rolled down his window, stuck his arm out and started doing the ''Diepsloot'' taxi sign arm wave (if you're going to Diepsloot, to get the attention of a taxi driver or conductor, you stick your arm out to your side and simulate the waves of the sea or any water) while exposing a toothless smile!  We had a very brief but very special moment while waiting at those robots singing ''AYOBAAAA''.  Listen to this.  Gnucci Gcucci and Spoek Matambo feature in this song by Schlachthofbronx.    

"Karma's not a izzzz''

So goes the best line in this immediately lovable ''360 Donna'', a twerkingly cool song by by Swedish musician Gnucci Gnucci!  I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with her today.  She came to MeMeMe to source some clothes for a shoot and we ended up talking history and music over lunch at that new spot Coobs, in Parkhurst.  She's in the country till January, checking out the scene, looking for fortuitous meetings like today while her husband, musician Spoek Mathambo does some work.  If you see this person out somewhere, go say hi, she's really nice.  


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We've been busy putting this look book slash digital magazine together with the help of the inimitable Miss Moss, who helped us design the look of our look book and photographer Mark Strydom.  Yesterday the first of these weekly look books which will go out as a direct mailer to our database, was released and from hence forth, we will have new ones to send out every Monday.  We're going to be releasing them via direct mailers, on our soon to be launched blog, on Facebook and right here on this blog.  

If you'd rather get it sent directly to your email every Monday, please let know and he will put you on our database.  In the future, you'll be able to click and buy on the spot, but because we are still finding our feet at this digital vibe, for now you can place orders of the items you like and we will do our best to get them to you.  For any queries on the stock, please don't hesitate to call the Jhb store: 011 447 1497 or the Cape Town store 021 424 0001.  


Monday, November 12, 2012

These are Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj's kind of famous portraits of the people that he grew up around in Marrakech, Morocco.  The baby sitter, the snake charmer, the local boxing champ, the faces of his locale.  I very much appreciate the fusion of background and subject.  He designs the outfits, the setting and takes the photographs.  We Africans.