Monday, November 12, 2012

Tjooo it's been a while since I laughed this much.  I don't know how I missed this hilarious Nando's Izikhothane collaboration.  If you know about Izikhothane, you will appreciate this and if not, update yourself over here. This entire scene is hilarious, the dance moves of those boys in the first few seconds, the little kid dancing in front of the tree, those girls and their excitement, the line ''la babantu abagcwali'', the way the main guy in the yellow t-shirt crew throws his shoe in the fire and finally, the taxi chair being thrown in the fire. The direction is perfect. I can't.  Lol.  The comments on Youtube are funny too, someone pointed out the fact that sadly, these guys will burn the money they made from this ad since they believe in anarchy through arson of their own clothing. I dont' think these clowns are clever, but they are definitely something.  


Nomali/Minenhle said...

I thought it was more of a parody/satire than collabo. Ah well. I think I'll wait until Nando's and BlackRiver compile all the 25 reasons they're proud/it's awesome to be South African and then watch them all.

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