Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You should consider seeing a doctor if you do not have the urge to jaiva when you hear the beats of this ridiculously ayoba song.  I was driving through town blasting it out my car and two taxi's were on either side of me.  The passenger on the taxi on my right, rolled down his window, stuck his arm out and started doing the ''Diepsloot'' taxi sign arm wave (if you're going to Diepsloot, to get the attention of a taxi driver or conductor, you stick your arm out to your side and simulate the waves of the sea or any water) while exposing a toothless smile!  We had a very brief but very special moment while waiting at those robots singing ''AYOBAAAA''.  Listen to this.  Gnucci Gcucci and Spoek Matambo feature in this song by Schlachthofbronx.    


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