Mememe on Citymob

Friday, August 31, 2012

Today Mememe makes its online debut on national online shop Citymob.  We're having a 5 day flash sale of some of our favourite accessories such as this here bag.  Citymob is awesome. By clicking on the banner in the right, you can see what's on sale and skip the queue that other people who don't have this link (hehe) can't do.  Go on, there's 3 more days of le Sale (and I mean sale) left.  Good luck!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last night I got home and found this note very visibly stuck to the kitchen cupboard underneath which I left the iron yesterday morning.  I am the world's worst ironer. I simply don't care for the task that I don't really even know how they are supposed to work.  I'm more of a steamer girl. But for you Nana Zajiji, I will pour some water into him. I love you my friend.  Her previous crimes, which are few and far between these days, are not closing cupboard doors.  I would walk into the kitchen and all the doors would be open and there would be nobody there, as if a ghost is in the room. 

Last night

I took these pictures last night at the launch of Suzaan Heyns' new shop in Melrose Arch. I sold that story to someone else so y'all won't be hearing about it until next week. The first picture is of me in the amazing dressing rooms in the store and the other is of the twin models that feature in the SH campaign. The third is of designer Jessica Rayne's fingers that are decorated with her grandfather's rings.  The shoes belong to my friend Alinah Missouri and her friend.  I took pics of them because their feet were sore because the shoes are new, as are mine in the last three pictures.  I bought them yesterday at Woolworths.  I was wearing a dress that used to belong to my mother in 1987.  


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If anybody can help me locate the origin of these amazing photographs of these beautiful people, that would help. Sometimes, most times, I stay up and get lost on the internet and I can't for the life of me remember where I found these images a few months ago, I just saved them and didn't bookmark the page. Obviously it is in America. By the presence of Mos Def, I'm guessing New York but it could also be Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago?

In case you didn't know

Seek and you shall find! #Giveaway time

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls it's giveaway time again.  This time, I'm giving away a R1000 Woolworths Shopping Voucher today only.  If you're on Twitter (don't be scared to cross the floor from Facebook, it's not that bad), you stand a chance of winning this R1000 voucher just by following my tweets between 13.00 and 14.00 today and guessing which Woolworths Store in Johannesburg I am going to collect this voucher from.  

Today Woolies launches their Summer Range for 2012 and I'm going to check it out. The question is, where will I be? I will tweet five clues as to which store I am and the first person to guess will win the voucher.  Easy peasy.

So, log on to twitter and follow @missmillib and @Woolworths_SA and mention both these handles in  your answer while we play the guessing game.  Top prize would be the person who actually physically found me :-) But you can find me from anywhere in the country and still win a voucher to your local Woolies *wink wink*

WHY I LOVE JOBURG reason #3128449

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch this video

When I got on the plane from Cape Town to Joburg last Friday (after spending 7 freezing days there), I saw that Zaki Ibrahim's video for Go Widdit had launched that day.  I got goosebumps in the first 3 seconds of watching it and they were stuck on me until the end of the video.  At the end of it, I thought goodness who directed this video, it's really good. South African music videos are usually just ok.  

When I saw that it was directed and produced by people that I know: the dear Zandi Tisani of Laurence Hamburger, Mpho Masango and photographer Liam Lynch, I realised how much I had missed every single molecule of Joburg energy, the people, the scene and just being in a city that sits on a mother fucking gold mine.  I love this song, I love the Vintage Cru, this dance crew and everything about the moment when I landed and it was 27 degrees outside.  


Suzaan Heyns has crossed over to the mall.  This new Melrose Arch store will be the second store for the designer with one store in Melville.  There are a number of us looking forward to seeing it. 


I haven't been in hispterville i.e. The Maboneng Precinct in a while. This looks like something interesting and novel to do on a Thursday night.  


Don't mind the Thursday preview thing.  This weekend, Sandton City will come alive with the SA Fashion Week Designer Pop Up shop where you can catch some of the best young design talent in the most unlikely place - Sandton's Fountain Court (by Checkers) from Thursday to Sunday afternoon.  This is what I'm doing on Friday. 


Last Friday: PUMA STORE LAUNCH partay

I have a confession about this event.  I only planned to show face and meet my giveaway winners and be out of there because I really needed to sleep. I had just arrived from a torturous week of work in Cape Town, I'd had two hours sleep the night before and gave an hour and half presentation that morning, add six hours of plane, train and automobile travel to that and a near barney with a Security Guard at the Gautrain. I was in no party mood.   So my plan was to have a drink, see the new store and bounce.  In all honesty though, as I was putting on my dress and enjoying a Bone Crusher (really good local beer) with Nana, I knew it wasn't going to be a short night.   The weather was great, legs were out and I didn't expect to, but I saw a lot of my friends there.  Add a shopping experience of some awesome downtime gear and it became a perfect night. Here are pics of the new store and some party peeps courtesy of Puma South Africa.

As you can see from the photos, these guys really know how to play.  I'm trying to think of a way to say we got pretty wasted without actually saying it. Anyway.  It was fun to shop although all the big feet got to all my favourite shoes first. Damn. I'll go back next Saturday. 

The ones in the fore or ezi zingeneno. 

Miss Mill love Miss Tee Tee

Not a fan of talking about old news but wanted to share this pic of me that Miss Tee Tee is With Me took at the Tom Ford Dinner. I was taking a photo break from talking to Cheska from Grazia magazine and her stylish sister, Bailey.  That's the new hair style, which is just the old one shorter.  

Grace Jones Citroen CX Banned Ad

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mense, I don't have much time to blog but I had to share this coolest video I've seen in a while. The mother of all things unhinged, Grace Jones, starred in this car commercial in 1985.  It was banned in some countries, the reason remains a mystery.  Dear Citroen, if it wasn't for Grace Jones, I would still not know about this car, let alone Citroen. Hahaha 

The New Melissa Shoes

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Can you guess which ones I like the most? Clue, I like to repeat things. 

Last week I went to the launch of Melissa's new range of shoes. It was at a small little unassuming art gallery on Jan Smuts in Parkview and boy were the offerings worthy.  These are just some of my favourite styles from the new range, which includes designs by Dame Vivienne Westwood and one Jason Wu!  They all still smell of that sweet Melissa voodoo jelly they put in them and they are all probably super comfortable because they are made of plastic.  In terms of availability though, they are quite dodge - they used to be available at Two but now, I'm not quite sure.  I know you can get some at Habits in Cape Town.  For the rest, I think ti's worth a visit to the Melissa Facebook Page for more info.


A few weeks ago, in June to be exact, a team from W Magazine in the US came out to South Africa to do a feature on Johannesburg and its creative community.  I helped them out with it.  Word from Paris is that the issue is out.  Now the waiting game for postal services to deliver it. We'll probably get it in November. This Penelope Cruz cover was a good choice.  Grab it if you see it anywhere.  


Monday, August 20, 2012

Boys and Girls, here's a bit of a newsflash and yet another give away.  Puma, much loved by me and mine, is opening a store in Braamfontein this Saturday 25 August.  The first high street (as in a real street and not Joburg's version of a street i.e. a Mall) will be on the corner of Melle and De Korte streets.  Regular 's to this area won't get lost seeing as Kitcheners and Great Dane are around the corner.  

I'm giving away three double tickets to the exclusive launch party on Friday 24 August at the new venue where Tumi from the Volume, Yesterday's Pupil and DJ Matt Suttner are just some of the entertainment.  Who want's to come with me? Gosh, it's going to be a busy weekend for my party shoes.  First three people to holler back will win a set of tickets each.   But I need to add you by Thursday sooner rather than later!  

The beauty that is Tom Ford

Ladies and Germs, judging by the number of seriously fancy event invitations I get these days, it looks like my days as a princess are numbered.  Soon I think I will become a queen, if not a Ladyship.  

Last week, I attended an event organised by Estee Lauder South Africa, the launch of some new Tom Ford beauty products, an array of highly concentrated fragrances to be exact, fit for the opposite of serfdom. I went there not knowing who else was invited and reveling at the thought of breaking bread at a closed sit down dinner.  From a consumer perspective, the thing about buying into a product, is that is must not necessarily be about the actual product.  It's about buying into the brand.  And the first class ticket to imbibing all that a brand has to offer is to create an experience that we, the consumer, can take away with us once we have bought the actual product.  

The unbridled joy I was having at that event is worth more than the goody bag, which, in and of itself is no less than amazing -- a frikking bottle of Violet Blonde.  What I enjoyed was being in that beautifully designed room (directed by Mr Ford himself), sitting among great company and being in a controlled but totally relaxed environment that of course, was fragranced with about four different types of the new frangrances.  We got to try on different Tom Ford lipsticks, mix and match the perfumes to create our own scents - all the while getting fancy faced with every type of beverage and good food.  Ah what a night.  I left the dinner, which by midnight had turned into a full on party of about 10, feeling very privileged to have been part of it.  For more information on the new fragrances that you can mix to get your very own, visit