Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey you guys,

Sorry I've been out of action since my post about the Polo.  Last week Thursday was like a virus that infected and affected everything I did and blogging was not very high on my priority list.  Anyway, so yesterday the BMW take me to the polo competition closed.  I've been reading the responses that have come in everyday and honestly, I thought it would be a walk in the park, but it hasn't.  I hate choosing sides and generally want to reciprocate the time and effort people have made to go on this blog and tell me why they want to go. 

But since I read all of them last week, one entry hasn't been able to escape my mind.  And I usually listen to my intuition and if it keeps going back to this one, then I think this is the one.  This person is well deserving and I think could do with a cheer up. This is the entry that was written in the comments section of that post.

''I have had one of the most emotional weeks of my life, filled with tears, sadness, happiness, growth and a sense of freedom. My parents just found out that I am lesbian and the disappointment and silence that has been pouring through the house, has been draining...I have been keeping myself sane by blogging and obviously reading your wonderful blog which has always uplifted me-because of its diverse content. I won't lie and say I know anything about the sport itself, however, whilst this period of my life has bashed me with surprises and a sense of fear and adjustment, I think that this event would would be a breath of fresh air and relaxation for Tracy Chaplin says in the lyrics of 'FAST CAR"....."you want a fast car, i want to be taken to a new place of adventure".

So well done to you, B.A.T Lady.  Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that this will make a tiny difference to what you're going through.  Please send me  an email with your physical address, full name, your partners name as well as a contact number and we'll get the ball rolling. 


Thando said...

Congrats B.A.T Lady, you deserve the VIP treatment, cause that is what you are, a Very Important Person regardless of what you may being going through right now. I hope your parents come around, actually they will, they just need some time.

PS: Blog about it please, would love to see what I what I missed out on ;-)

Thando said...


Akona Ndungane said...

Well deserved! Sending BAT Lady lots of sunshine. Glad you're feeling better Mili.

Sindie Noqayi said...

I also found her post to be deserving of the price. Great choice Milli.

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Thanks you guys, Akona Ndungane, I love you!

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