Who wants to go to the Polo?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ladies and Gents, I am very happy to be getting into this giveaway thing lately.  Next Sunday, I'm attending the BMW Polo Series.  It's my very first time attending the polo and I'm going in style.  BMW is taking me and my partner and since I'm in giveaway mode, I'm giving away two VIP tickets to one of you guys.  The prize involves being chauffeur driven in a first class BMW from your area in Joburg (sorry if you don't live here) to the Waterfall Polo Park and back.  And of course, access to the VIP Marquee, a light lunch and some delicious bubbles!  

All you have to do is write a 100 word motivation why you think I should choose you to come with my party!   I might even throw in the possibility of being dressed by Mememe that day, depending on how good your motivation is.  This you can write in the comments section of this blog or just tweet your entry using my handle @missmillib and the event's hashtag #BMWtakemetothepolo - The competition closes at 17h00 on Sunday 19 August 2012.

Good luck! I hope, like me, it will be your first time :-)


Akona Ndungane said...

Well. If it’s not me, I don't think that we could go on with life without reviewing our friendship. And who doesn't want to be dressed by Mememe and be a princess in a beemer for a day - and find a Fascinator too. Can you imagine; sporting a fresh Afro and a Fascinator! Yes, we must go to our first BMW Polo together, be all lady like for a change :)

Nomali/Minenhle said...

This is such a great giveaway! I'm sharing this! You don't mind right?

Thando said...

You must take me along with you for many reasons. One, because I refuse to go to the Durban July… lol…and Polo is the perfect antidote, it’s more chic and classy and I like to think that I am too.
I’d love to be dressed by Mememe and “show dem” that wearing imported high street brands is not the only way one can be stylish.
Who wouldn’t want to be chauffeured in a BMW, VIP access to mingling with Jozi’s society and I’ve always wanted to stomp the divots during half-time ever since I read about it. It’ll be fun.

Sindie Noqayi said...

My best bet for a Polo event would be my love for horses which I got from utamkhulu. If I could have, it would have been a sport I participated in. I live with having to work next to Inanda Polo Park (Sandton) where I see horses and Polo practice almost daily, an antidote to my unrealized dream and a brightener to my days. I also love the sophistication that comes with Polo, crisp white outfits, flowing dresses, good conversation and as a bonus, sheer travelling pleasure in a BMW and donning handpicked items from MeMeMe!

Prolific said...

What a fresh giveaway! The BMW polo series falls the Sunday before my 26th, so it is fitting that I spend my last day of being 25 at the Polo dressed by Mememe and being chauffeured in a brand car I looove! =). I’m actually flying down to Jozi that weekend to spend the birthday weekend with my bff (we share a birthday) and to throw in this giveaway as a surprise will be stellar! We will be spending our birthday together for the first time ever, because we’ve been residing on different continents for most of our lives. What better way to usher in the second half of our twenties than at the Polo (basking in your presence)?

AyaPhly! said...

Attending the BMW Polo Series would be a dream come true for me. This is the kind of stuff I can only dream about. I have never attended the Polo before. This would be the perfect first experience. I'm already picturing my BFF & I, being chauffeur driven in a top of the class BMW, socialising with the classy and elegant people of Jozi in the VIP Marquee, and being dressed by Mememe. Please make my Dream Come True.

Idah Molobi said...

It will be my first experience, and would really like to be all dressed up and classy at the sport that is dubbed "The Sport of Royalty". I know I will be good company, because I'm fun to be around. I will not hog you the whole time we are there, but will also give you space to mingle and network as I also do the same. Can I mention the fun that will be in dressing up, especially if it's by Mememe and being chauffer driven? Woo....I'm getting excited already.

MiZz B.A.T said...

I have had one of the most emotional weeks of my life, filled with tears, sadness, happiness, growth and a sense of freedom. My parents just found out that I am lesbian and the disappointment and silence that has been pouring through the house, has been draining...I have been keeping myself sane by blogging and obviously reading your wonderful blog which has always uplifted me-because of its diverse content. I won't lie and say I know anything about the sport itself, however, whilst this period of my life has bashed me with surprises and a sense of fear and adjustment, I think that this event would would be a breath of fresh air and relaxation for me...as Tracy Chaplin says in the lyrics of 'FAST CAR"....."you want a fast car, i want to be taken to a new place of adventure".

Keabe said...

What a great giveaway!!! I'd LOVE to go to the Polo and I wont make up a sorry story as to why
1. I've been DYING to go because I've never been before, and what better way to enjoy my first experience than being chauffer driven in one of my FAVOURITE brand of car and wearing threads from one of my FAVOURITE local stores?
2. I want to be part of the action, sipping on some bubbly and watching some hunky SA men under the warm African sun.
3. I'm a MissMilliWorld regular. It would be a tragedy to get someone to go with who's only visiting your blog for this competition. Right?? ;-)
4. And I'll hashtag this just a like a tweet to show you how much I REALLY want to go #BMWtakemetothepolo

Keabe Mautla

thembinkosi mqakanya said...

I would love to win Tickets BMWtakemetothePolo.I 've following MissMilliWorld and BMW been so impressed and inspired with how your insights have been helpful to me and Programmes focusing on Innovative.
To get this opportunity to meet AKONA and these Phenomenal CARS from BWN LIVE will turn and motivate me. I will be greatful to have a great time with these successfull people.


thando funani said...
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Anonymous said...

Firstly its my birthday today and going to the polo with you would be the greatest present of all and secondly I'm from Port Elizabeth and have been living in Gauteng for 8 months so I've been trying to do things that are different and out of the "norm". Besides that I'll be the first in my whole family history to attend the polo.

Haleema Zaheer said...

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