Last night

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I took these pictures last night at the launch of Suzaan Heyns' new shop in Melrose Arch. I sold that story to someone else so y'all won't be hearing about it until next week. The first picture is of me in the amazing dressing rooms in the store and the other is of the twin models that feature in the SH campaign. The third is of designer Jessica Rayne's fingers that are decorated with her grandfather's rings.  The shoes belong to my friend Alinah Missouri and her friend.  I took pics of them because their feet were sore because the shoes are new, as are mine in the last three pictures.  I bought them yesterday at Woolworths.  I was wearing a dress that used to belong to my mother in 1987.  


Tlatsi said...

The dressing room look amazing. I should check the store out when work eases and I get my weekends back :)

Nomali Cele said...

Love the first image!

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