Zou Bisou Bisou

Sunday, July 29, 2012

This weekend, I watched the first episode of Mad Men Season Five and almost wet myself watching this scene with Betty's replacement aka brining bucktooth sexy back Megan Draper.  I've been singing this song all weekend and hoping and praying for longer legs.


What a feast for the eyes.  Thank you to Paper Magazine for this delicious mash up. 

Super Ella

Last week Thursday I popped in for a quick visit to the Bamboo area of Melville.  There are some really nice stores there.  Nothing new, just the people who have always been good at what they do keeping on.  I particularly enjoy the very under rated talents of Ella Buter.  Her Superella shop is just so inviting with its constantly changing and consistently interesting pavement displays of who she is.  

Her clothing lives in her Afrikaans heritage and it's a very beautiful symbiosis to see while driving down that road.  When you're inside the shop you might be lucky enough to find her there quietly scheming her next move.  I had a really nice conversation with her.  It felt like I had just eaten a meal afterwards and we don't really know each other.  She told me that she and Black Coffee and Lisa Jaffe are starting to do pop up shops in other places in the country from next month, the first of which might be in Durban.  When I know more, I will tell you more.  

We also looked through some books that she has in the shop and talked about art and decor, and about how lucky we are to live in Joburg - just the kind of conversation you treasure from such a creative mind.  Her clothing is, I would say, the most Avante Garde in South Africa, precisely because it is made for a certain figure.  Her garments are a confluence of nature, history, modesty and the antithesis to the omnipresence of sex.  

zoe kravitz

And that guy from that annoying show. 


 Girls this is just a little warning that winter and all of its eating habits should in the next couple of hours come to a screetching halt because few of us can simultaneously drink liquid calories and look this good in a costume. Just saying. It's a new month and season.  I'm on a fruit and veg detox for the next 5 days.  

A Woody Allen Interview in which the answers are not shocking

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mr. Allen, do you truly believe that happiness in life is impossible?
This is my perspective and has always been my perspective on life. I have a very grim, pessimistic view of it. I always have since I was a little boy; it hasn’t gotten worse with age or anything. I do feel that’s it’s a grim, painful, nightmarish, meaningless experience and that the only way that you can be happy is if you tell yourself some lies and deceive yourself.
What’s your take on getting older?
I find it a lousy deal. There is no advantage getting older. You don’t get smarter, you don’t get wiser, you don’t get more mellow, you don’t get more kindly, nothing good happens. Your back hurts more, you get more indigestion, your eyesight isn’t as good, you need a hearing aid. It’s a bad business getting old and I would advise you not to do it if you can avoid it. It doesn’t have a romantic quality.
You used to star in almost all of your films, but in recent years you’ve been in less and less of them. Why?
Only because there is no good part. For years I played the romantic lead and then I couldn’t play it anymore because I got too old. It’s just no fun not playing the guy who gets the girl. You can imagine how frustrating it is when I do these movies with Scarlett Johansson and Naomi Watts and the other guys get them and I am the director. I am that old guy over there that is the director. I don’t like that. I like to be the one that sits opposite them in the restaurant, looks in their eyes and lies to them. So if I can’t do that it’s not much fun to play in the movies.
I really enjoyed the honesty in this interview.  He has an interesting perspective on things.  Here is the rest of it from The Talks 

Beautiful Unknown Wooden Crockery

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For the life (barely left) in me, I can't remember what the name of that shop I always walk past and have never been in because I always go after dark is called.  It's in Braamfontein, somewhere between the galleries. My first guess is Lomo but I don't think so.  I was at Warm and Glad today and saw these most beautiful wooden bowls and pestles and mortars there and they say the supplier is from that shop. The name escapes us all.  I can't promise that I will go anytime in the next few days but I really like the things they make.  When I find the name, if you don't beat me to it, I shall share it. Then buy myself some of these. 

I'm Sorry

Dear Ray Jay's dick, the Kardashians now have a family blog which of course is credited to you.  

Picture Perfect

I don't usually do this but...

I really like these shoes.  They are R199 from Woolworths.  

Primary Rules

While her work is very respectable, I can't say I care much for American Vogue.  In this instance, I am more concerned about the amazing colour composition in this photograph, taken by Tommy Ton. Desperately trying to find out who that top is by.  Anyone?  This image reminded me of Marimekko prints for some reason.  

Let me not pretend that I've always known about them.  I had to phone Doreen to ask her what that print is on her dishcloths is, which she told me.  I then went on Wiki and found that the famous primary colour prints are by a Finnish company called Marimekko, founded in 1951.  You can google the rest for yourself, but before that, take pleasure in looking through these beautifully printed items from the website.  They do everything from clothing to ornaments in these prints. 

If I had all the time in the world, I would have downloaded the product from their website but it was way too slow.  

Beyonce's Hair

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glad to see Mama B is joining the braid brigade.  I'm about to take mine out, kinda over the fringe at the moment.  I think I might just go this route but I don't think the cinnamon colour will work with my complexion so I'll just stick to black.  


Thursday, July 19, 2012


This little dinner is going to cost me.  Unlike most people who think going to your high school reunion is a waste of time, I was actually looking forward to it.  Eversince I became obsessed with Romy and Michelle of Romy and Michelle's High School reunion, before I turned 12, I have been looking forward to going back to high school to see how things have changed or stayed the same.  I'm still going to go, but not for the whole three day affair, it's going to have to be a quick in and out of East London because I don't think I would forgive myself if I forfeited a chance to be a degree closer to the holy grail in human form himself, Tom Ford.  Ok ok, obviously he's not going to be in SA but at least I will get a chance to break bread with his people.  And more importantly, touch, feel and smell Tom Ford beauty products, which have been the epoch of beauty products since he launched Black Orchid a few years ago.  It's the stuff shallow little fashion dreams are made of! 



Skattie are you sober of is jy dronk?

Product review: Ponds Skin Care Range.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ola beyashes! Yes Ponds.

I don't usually do this but if I feel like something needs to be shared, you know I am an avid sharer.  A few weeks ago while traveling, I ran out of my usual face wash and moisturizer.  I was in a foreign country where my usual product was unavailable and  I ended up using those horrible sample sized generic hotel products which my skin did not appreciate.  It retaliated by breaking out, obviously.  It didn't help my skin cause that I had spent literally all of my money on fabrics and other trinkets because when I returned, I didn't have the money to buy my usual products.  As things fortunately go down in my life, during this period of lackluster skin, I rrrrrandomly received an email from the people at Ponds, asking me if I'd like to try their products. 

Ponds? ''Mmmighhi don't know'', I thought.  ''That vanishing cream my mom used to use back in the 90s, I didn't even know it was still around''.  But really, did I have a choice? I said yes and a few days later, a big box arrived at my doorstep and soon it was bath time.  When I first saw the packaging, I thought ''gees times have changed, it's actually really cute and expensive looking''.  And I'm all about packaging.  It it looks good, I am more likely to buy it.  

The box contained bottles and bottles of everything but vanishing cream, which I was very happy about.   I had a choice between a range called Flawless Radiance and one called Age Miracle. Because I still have my youth, thank goodness, I decided to first try the Flawless Radiance range.  There's a facial foam, a toner, a spot removing serum and a cream based day lotion and an eye cream.  I must confess that I'm not a cleanse, tone,  moisturize twice a day with six different products kind of girl. Life is too short.   But because the product was there, I decided to try the routine at least in the mornings.

After 14 days of this routine, I'm still doing it.  At first the facial foam, which is thick and creamy with tiny micro particles, felt very dry on my skin once it was washed off.  When I applied the toner, serum and moisturizer, my skin felt taut but good and after about 7 days, my skin felt less dry after the facial foam.  I guess it got used to it.  The toner, which smells great, isn't harsh.  It's almost as if my skin begs for it after a wash.  I usually only apply serum when I'm going to wear make up, which is 70% of the time, I find that it adds a certain glow to my face.  Two squirts of the moisturizer directly after applying the serum usually works and three if there's no serum.  I was nervous that it would dry my skin in an effort to eliminate oiliness but it didn't, it felt just right.  My only issue with the day lotion is that it isn't SPF based and so on top of this rigorous routine, I have to add sunscreen, which I am not disciplined about.  i.e it won't happen.

Two weeks after trying the young people stuff out, I decided to try the Age Miracle range and I really like it.  It's much softer on the skin, as in more moist.  I don't only use it at night though, I kinda free style and use it during the day on weekends.  I wonder if that makes any difference.  

Three weeks later, I wouldn't say that this range is the oracle for perfect skin, but my skin likes it.  For Xhosa speakers, ingathi ndiqhunkqile lol! Although the focus is about having an even tone and no dark marks, my skin isn't necessarily brighter, but it's better.  And in all honesty, that comes as a welcome surprise.   


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Suzy Bishop or Dorthy Mantooth, whoever the hell you are, thanks for this.  Hope you return soon. Happy Monday

Thandie Newton

Naomi Campbell

Idris Elba

Anjelica Houston


Le Camargue

At Clarendon School, where I went to school from age 9, the tradition was that the Standard 9's or Grade 11's were responsible for organising the matric dance for the matrics.  When I was in Standard 9, our class decided, against the majority's wishes, that the theme for the Matric Dance would be Horses on the Camargue, after Roy Campbell's famous poem.  I must admit, before I grew up and learnt the meaning of good taste, I was with the majority of the class who wanted the theme to be something typical and lame like Hawaii, the Jungle or the A Ship Wreck theme.  

Thank God for Sarah Small and her unyielding conviction against almost everybody.  The production was beautiful and I will never forget about the beauty of those magnificent horses in the Camargue, France.  They have nothing to do with Tilda Swinton. I just wanted you guys to see how perfect she is in every situation.   These beautiful images were taken by Irene Suchocki. I'm going to France in September.  Universe, here is me putting it out here:  I would like to go and see this place for myself.