Super Ella

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last week Thursday I popped in for a quick visit to the Bamboo area of Melville.  There are some really nice stores there.  Nothing new, just the people who have always been good at what they do keeping on.  I particularly enjoy the very under rated talents of Ella Buter.  Her Superella shop is just so inviting with its constantly changing and consistently interesting pavement displays of who she is.  

Her clothing lives in her Afrikaans heritage and it's a very beautiful symbiosis to see while driving down that road.  When you're inside the shop you might be lucky enough to find her there quietly scheming her next move.  I had a really nice conversation with her.  It felt like I had just eaten a meal afterwards and we don't really know each other.  She told me that she and Black Coffee and Lisa Jaffe are starting to do pop up shops in other places in the country from next month, the first of which might be in Durban.  When I know more, I will tell you more.  

We also looked through some books that she has in the shop and talked about art and decor, and about how lucky we are to live in Joburg - just the kind of conversation you treasure from such a creative mind.  Her clothing is, I would say, the most Avante Garde in South Africa, precisely because it is made for a certain figure.  Her garments are a confluence of nature, history, modesty and the antithesis to the omnipresence of sex.  


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