Some useless celebrity news

Monday, July 2, 2012

Judge me if you will.  I have no shame in my consumption of useless celebrity news from and Us Magazine.  I don't know which trash I like more, People or McDonalds.  I unashamedly consume both with much enjoyment. So I thought I should share some useless news with you if you will.  So it looks like Kim and Kanye are properly proper.  I was a bit concerned about her foray into the the lair of the royals of music.  Looks like she's in. I like Kanye so I guess I will just overlook how much Kimmy bores me and just be happy for her.  

And then, in some rather shocking news, Naomi Watts, who I generally like as an actor, is playing Princess Di in a film about the late lady.  I know I need boundaries for this blog but somehow these two things caught my interest.  Thanks for reading, now go back to work and pretend that you didn't want to see these pics.  


Yolisa Madzidzela said...

GOT NO SHAME IN HER GAME- that's u & me miss milli. Just keep on writing, i need me a dose of useless news every now & then (^^,)

Jack Men said...

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