Simply Asia Meal Giveaway

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happpyyyy Friday folks

I'm not going to make this long! Today's lunch giveaway is very simple.  If you can guess which of these meals is my favourite, you win a R200 meal voucher to try out one of the 10 new seriously delicious Simply Asia meals. Clue, I blogged about it two weeks ago. Write your answer in the comments section and tweet me @missmillib and @SimplyAsia_SA #sweetdeal


Woke up to a cold and rainy Joburg. How beautiful is this work by Brendan George Ko?
Good thing I'm off to Cape Town today for The J&B Met. 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Call me crazy and superstitious but I picked up the nearest book and it was so true to my experience. I didn't look at the ''love'' part of the sentence though. I looked at the life and the stupid book I picked up on page 45 spoke exactly to something I'm going through. Just for fun, give it a go. 


But ''Mamphili'', how do you do us like this though? 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey guys

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Let's start with the bad: the release of the new blog is delayed by another two weeks :-(

That's because I don't want to give you a second rate product so unfortunately we have to wait.  The good news is that I will give you a teaser later this week, just a little peek of what's to come. I'm very sorry for the delay though.  I was told to expect it all by the 14th of February. Let's hope it will be then.

This is not the point of this post though.  I am currently writing a very exciting webseries due for release later this year.  It was inspired by the last year's ''Stop Wishing You Were'nt Single'' which received a lot of hits and was even published in the City Press.  It made me think about how many of us are in this situation and actually, how stories about our personal and interpersonal relationships are simply not told enough.  I have gone through my diaries from my early twenties, spoken to friends and strangers about their relationship statuses and histories and I have learned a lot both from men and women.  I'm still going to interview different people to learn more just so that the story is as rich as possible.  I thought to myself,  mmmm how could I get more stories to add to this story? Then I thought, oh yes, I have this amazing platform and I could ask people to share their stories with me if they so wished.

So this is a call for you guys, anyone to share with me some interesting situationships that you've been in, some sordid relationship tales like you caught your partner cheating with your mom's friend, you got friendzoned badly, how your partner went crazy after you had sex with him/her, that time you got into a fight when somebody was after your muntu, anything that would make for nice content to cover in a web series. It doesn't have to be crazy. It can be that you had a partner who was perfect but didn't want to ever have sex or any kind of ''agony aunt'' dilemma.  I'm not going to solve anyone's problems, but I'm going to try to take elements of what happened to people, break them up and sew them with others in order to make the series.

Research is a normal part of telling stories so consider this part of my research.  If you would like to send me a story, please mail it to and we will be in contact via mail.  Your story will of course be confidential and characters will not actually be fully based on one individual.  If you like, you can refer people who don't read this blog to this post so that they can also share.  I'm looking for funny, shocking, crazy, sad, happy, tragic and meaty stories.  I can't wait to share this series with you guys. I'm having a really nice time planning it.

I'm looking forward to the tales.
Love Mili


Good Monday good people,

I trust you all had a good weekend.  I went hiking in Pretoria East at a Nature Reserve called Rietvlei - highly recommended for a day outing and a good work out. Plus a chance to see some rhino, zebra, wildebeest, fish eagles, elands, springboks and other wild animals.  If you go there, ask for a guide named Sibusiso Dlamini, man he's good.

Onto today's news, I read over the entries to the Simply Asia competition on Friday. Thank you so much to all of you that participated. If you didn't know about it, askies, I did post it late on Friday afternoon.  I read over the entries and while they were all great, the most heartwarming one (Mandy yours was also really sweet) that also followed the rules of tweeting and facebooking the competition was NONTYATYAMBO QABAKA. I'm glad you found a place to stay girl and please take your man out for a lovely dinner to thank him.  Congratulations.

I have 10 double meal vouchers worth R200 to give away in the next month. Over the next five Fridays, starting this Friday, I will be giving away these vouchers to one lucky winner a week.  The whole competition is called the #SweetDeal and how it's going to work, is similar to how this one worked.

All you have to do to enter, is tell share with us in the co

mments section of Friday's post, how life dealt you a #sweetdeal recently, upload a Facebook and Twitter post mentioning @missmillib @SimplyAsia_SA and this link to the competition - I will give away 5 more double vouchers in the week my blog is relaunched just for celebrations sake.

To win other Simply Asia instant prizes, visit this link and count the many ways you could win then enter.

Till we meet again on Friday, have a good week.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Friday you guys, I hope you've had a good week.  Mine started off quite nicely.  I don't know if it's the power of manifestation or what. On Monday I was in my home office typing away and didn't really feel like getting up to make lunch. I made a wish that somebody would just make lunch for me, a warm something with chicken in it.  I knew that Simply Asia would deliver a goodie bag that day as they had called to tell me about their new campaign and how they would send me the elements on Monday. I was expecting a USB stick and food menus but taaa daaa - not one but two warm delicious lunches in a brown paper bag and some other really thoughtful and sweet trinkets, included 25 meal vouchers.  In an ideal world I would eat all of these meals myself but the point is to spread the word. About what you may ask?

Simply Asia, the much loved restaurant chain that brings you Authentic Thai food, made simple (Thai is my favourite Asian cuisine) is turning 10 this year and to celebrate, they are inviting all of us to go and experience the 10 new dishes they've cooked up to mark this milestone. (Aside: I just wanna let you know that typing this and having to look at that picture is painful) I've had meals 533 and 625 and I'm literally going back for more as soon as the clock strikes 13.00.

So now it's time to spread the love. I haven't quite figured out how to give away 10 double meal vouchers yet, I think I might do that as a celebration of the new look blog in February but I'm itching for someone to have a nice lunch on me asap. So here's how the competition will kick off. 

How to enter:

 In the comments section, fill in one really good thing that has happened to you in the last 10 days. It can be something that someone did for you, a present received, a sweet human moment when nobody was watching - anything that made you feel good. And then who you'll take to lunch/dinner if you win and why. 

Then Tweet and Facebook the following: 

@SimplyAsia_SA is turning 10 &  is giving away a  lunch to kick of the celebrations  

Best answer wins a R250 lunch voucher from Simply Asia. I'm on my way there now and I'm going to be trying out the new stuff. Follow my twitter and instagram feed for pics and updates @missmillib on both. I'll announce the winners on Monday. 

This is a month long campaign so I hope you're hungry. 

Sawasdee (Goodbye in Thai) 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yaay Selfi's got a new collection out.  I'm so proud of this woman.  I met her in Cape Town in 2006 when I was at Cosmo as a Fashion Assistant and she worked as a shop assistant at The Space in Cavendish and for years I had the pleasure of selling her clothes first at Pulchritude and then at Mememe in Joburg.  Now that the shop is no more, I'm glad that she's selling her stuff online.  The dresses are good quality, classic with a modern edge that makes them easy wearing for anyone.  She sold a dress to one of Meryl Streep's daughters in December while Meryl Streep and her family were shooting in Cape Town.  Keep it up Celeste.  Visit and check out the rest of the collection and of course, pick a number.  I have Selfi's that I've been wearing for years. 



Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday afteroon arrival look:
Top: Leigh Schubert
Trousers: Selfi
Sunglasses: Armani at Sunglass Hut
Headband: Woolworths
Shoes: Melissa
Rings: I never take these off, they are from Mememe

Saturday breakfast look:
Dress: Silverspoon
Sunglasses: Armani at Sunglass Hut
Headband: Woolworths
Clogs: Nina Z at Mememe

Met arrival and day look:
Dress: Leigh Schubert
Earrings: The Space
Shoes: Europa Art

Met evening look
Dress: Colleen Eitzen 
Watch: Komono
Rings: Mememe
Blanket: The Space
Belt: Amanda Laird Cherry
Shoes: Europa Art

Sunday flight look
Shirt: The Space (I forget the designer sorry)
Trousers: Selfi
Shoes: Melissa
Rings: Mememe

Happy Friday bahlali.  You've probably ever only seen me do something like this never cos I'm not a big fan of selfies and this type of ego blogging but that doesn't mean that when the opportunity arises, I will say no.  I got a call the other day from The Zone in Rosebank and they wanted me to go and choose an outfit that I would wear to The Met, which I had no plans attending, but now of course I will be attending mwahahahahahah!  And naturally, I didn't just choose one look, because weekends away mean planned looks at every point and the experience of making these up was fun.  You guys know I'm a local fashion heux so there was only one place that I really could sink my teeth into for this particular task - The Space.  Most of the looks are from there with a bit of Woolies and Europa Art and Sunglass Hut. I also really liked the Holmes Brothers shop but it's a little street for Miss Milli but I like what's happening there, plus the sales assistants are very nice. The theme is Dress to Conquer and while I admire those that go all out by wearing hats and carrying Scott Disick like canes, it's not me. I'm for conquering discomfort and having a good time. What do you think of these looks? The J&B Met takes place on 1 February in Cape Town. I can't wait. Can you tell I hate taking pictures in this last pic? Thank goodness my friend Stephanie O'Conner was patient enough with me while we took these.

African Nations in High School

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh my goodness, did you guys see this Trending Topic on Twitter the other day? Let me not pretend as if I am a knower of things, a friend of mine sent it to me on mail and I looked up some more and they are really funny.  Naturally, there are those Africans who take themselves too seriously and say that the west must be laughing at our self loathing.  I don't see any self loathing here, this is the first thing that has united us in humour, at least something that I've come across where we laugh about our country specific issues and we just laugh at ourselves in general.  Don't get me wrong, I did come across some ignorant and racist ones but sometimes you actually just have to laugh things off.

#AfricanNationsInHighSchool Nigeria would be the kid that got you everything, even Facebook enabled Calculators

Angola tells everyone that Brazil is his cousin, but Brazil says they're just family friends #africannationsinhighschool

Eritrea & Ethiopia are the cousins that don't talk to each other and tell you they're not related #africannationsinhighschool

#AfricanNationsInHighSchool - Zimbabwe is that kid who went to expensive muzungu schools before the family fell on hard times.

Zimbabwe is a pretty girl but everyone keeps their distance because her daddy is crazy. #AfricanNationsInHighSchool

Liberia: the brilliant girl who wins international prizes but no one notices. #africannationsinhighschool

#Nigeria would be kid who missed every study session, but insisted on having his name first on the group report #africannationsinhighschool

Madagascar would be the kid every teacher forgot to mark present in the register. #africannationsinhighschool

Cameroon, CAR, Niger & Djibouti would be those kids we see around school but no one really knows who they are #africannationsinhighschool

SA would be the mixed-race kid whose parents are always arguing about who they think messed him up more #africannationsinhighschool

Kenya is that kid that runs 25 laps just to warm up for P.E #africannationsinhighschool


Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunnybonani from a very hot Joburg in January. Happy New Year to you all, I trust you had a fantastic break and that you're ready to begin this year with enough fuel to help you walk firmly and boldly towards your goals.

To be honest, I'm really over the look of this blog and was anticipating a new look by now but I have to wait about two more weeks before the big reveal. FML. It's going to be worth it though. I've been writing and collecting some good content to share but I only want to reveal it with the new look so please be patient with me for the next few weeks. I beg! 

How was everybody's holiday? I had a really short but really nice break in East London with the fam then a little getaway with my sisters to an amazing place called Hole in The Wall in the Transkei. I'll post pics of that in a follow up post. It's a really beautiful and completely untouched place where there were miraculously only about 100 people on the beach on the 1st.  Naturally, because I'm really intense I went out to the beach at about 5am on the 1st of Jan to reflect on the last year and plan the next year. I made a list of things that I did in 2013 that deserve to be remembered, whether they were good or bad and I'm going to share some of them with you because I feel like we need to give ourselves a break sometimes.  I'm so hard on myself. There's a self flagellation whip that lives under my bed and I hope to burn it this year and just enjoy growing up.  I highly recommend making such a list to put things in perspective, to track your progress or your stagnation as a person and of course, as a good reason to make a new list for 2014. 

List of memorable things that I did:
  • Closed the shop
  • Said goodbye to old friendships that had run their course
  • Got myself into and out of a depression
  • Became a member of The Group
  • Got the Joop Campaign
  • Got to work with the wonderful Siphiwe Mpye
  • Bought a new car (goodbye Goy)
  • Went on shitty date but at least I got asked out old school style
  • Moved to a new place
  • Had 4 teeth removed
  • Worked for a 9 - 5 and quit after 1 month
  • Increased my salary
  • Didn't travel enough
  • Practiced tolerance and failed especially towards the end of the year
  • Established my politics
  • Overcame loneliness
  • Closed the door on my 7 year old fashion career
  • Joined the gym
  • Stopped wishing I wasn't single
  • Met a really cute boy and dived into a whirlwind romance
  • Had great sex after 16 months of virginal tendencies
  • Wrote more
  • Partied less
  • Vomited one night when I was out and got kicked out of a brothel
  • Finally chose a signature drink - Whiskey & Soda 
  • Made some really lovely new friends
  • Had 12 hour conversations
  • Went after my crush and got total bat
  • Found a new passion
  • I probably toned down my feminist streak :-(
  • Understood South Africa better
  • Became unpleasantly competitive at 30 Seconds
  • Got mad
  • Learned the rap lyrics to Benz Punany
  • Spent more time alone
  • Got published in the City Press
  • Became more vulnerable and less cool
  • And finally, In the best night of 2013, met and hung out with Skunk Anansie and an hour later, just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, met and chilled with Idris Elba and sang with him, Thandiswa and Maverick Sabre. 
My 2014 list is private at this point so I won't share that until the beginning of 2015 but the biggest goals for 2014 are these two:
  • I want to live, as in not die. 
  • I want to feel no guilt unless I have done something wrong.  
Here's to a splendid year you guys.  Thanks for giving me a reason to love life even more.  I promise to make this better this year. 

Lots and lots of love


The amazing Eastern Cape, South Africa. This Hole-In-The-Wall holiday in total cost me approximately R1200 and we were staying in a pretty decent beach house.  We need to take more shot lefts bafethu.