Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yaay Selfi's got a new collection out.  I'm so proud of this woman.  I met her in Cape Town in 2006 when I was at Cosmo as a Fashion Assistant and she worked as a shop assistant at The Space in Cavendish and for years I had the pleasure of selling her clothes first at Pulchritude and then at Mememe in Joburg.  Now that the shop is no more, I'm glad that she's selling her stuff online.  The dresses are good quality, classic with a modern edge that makes them easy wearing for anyone.  She sold a dress to one of Meryl Streep's daughters in December while Meryl Streep and her family were shooting in Cape Town.  Keep it up Celeste.  Visit and check out the rest of the collection and of course, pick a number.  I have Selfi's that I've been wearing for years. 


Hart in Art said...

Very interesting photos... thank you

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