African Nations in High School

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh my goodness, did you guys see this Trending Topic on Twitter the other day? Let me not pretend as if I am a knower of things, a friend of mine sent it to me on mail and I looked up some more and they are really funny.  Naturally, there are those Africans who take themselves too seriously and say that the west must be laughing at our self loathing.  I don't see any self loathing here, this is the first thing that has united us in humour, at least something that I've come across where we laugh about our country specific issues and we just laugh at ourselves in general.  Don't get me wrong, I did come across some ignorant and racist ones but sometimes you actually just have to laugh things off.

#AfricanNationsInHighSchool Nigeria would be the kid that got you everything, even Facebook enabled Calculators

Angola tells everyone that Brazil is his cousin, but Brazil says they're just family friends #africannationsinhighschool

Eritrea & Ethiopia are the cousins that don't talk to each other and tell you they're not related #africannationsinhighschool

#AfricanNationsInHighSchool - Zimbabwe is that kid who went to expensive muzungu schools before the family fell on hard times.

Zimbabwe is a pretty girl but everyone keeps their distance because her daddy is crazy. #AfricanNationsInHighSchool

Liberia: the brilliant girl who wins international prizes but no one notices. #africannationsinhighschool

#Nigeria would be kid who missed every study session, but insisted on having his name first on the group report #africannationsinhighschool

Madagascar would be the kid every teacher forgot to mark present in the register. #africannationsinhighschool

Cameroon, CAR, Niger & Djibouti would be those kids we see around school but no one really knows who they are #africannationsinhighschool

SA would be the mixed-race kid whose parents are always arguing about who they think messed him up more #africannationsinhighschool

Kenya is that kid that runs 25 laps just to warm up for P.E #africannationsinhighschool


Foyin Og said...

i saw this one twitter and it made my day! especially the nigeria ones (my home country) and the SA one because its so true :')

Christi Ziyambi said...

People are too sensitive! I thought these were hilarious.

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