Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunnybonani from a very hot Joburg in January. Happy New Year to you all, I trust you had a fantastic break and that you're ready to begin this year with enough fuel to help you walk firmly and boldly towards your goals.

To be honest, I'm really over the look of this blog and was anticipating a new look by now but I have to wait about two more weeks before the big reveal. FML. It's going to be worth it though. I've been writing and collecting some good content to share but I only want to reveal it with the new look so please be patient with me for the next few weeks. I beg! 

How was everybody's holiday? I had a really short but really nice break in East London with the fam then a little getaway with my sisters to an amazing place called Hole in The Wall in the Transkei. I'll post pics of that in a follow up post. It's a really beautiful and completely untouched place where there were miraculously only about 100 people on the beach on the 1st.  Naturally, because I'm really intense I went out to the beach at about 5am on the 1st of Jan to reflect on the last year and plan the next year. I made a list of things that I did in 2013 that deserve to be remembered, whether they were good or bad and I'm going to share some of them with you because I feel like we need to give ourselves a break sometimes.  I'm so hard on myself. There's a self flagellation whip that lives under my bed and I hope to burn it this year and just enjoy growing up.  I highly recommend making such a list to put things in perspective, to track your progress or your stagnation as a person and of course, as a good reason to make a new list for 2014. 

List of memorable things that I did:
  • Closed the shop
  • Said goodbye to old friendships that had run their course
  • Got myself into and out of a depression
  • Became a member of The Group
  • Got the Joop Campaign
  • Got to work with the wonderful Siphiwe Mpye
  • Bought a new car (goodbye Goy)
  • Went on shitty date but at least I got asked out old school style
  • Moved to a new place
  • Had 4 teeth removed
  • Worked for a 9 - 5 and quit after 1 month
  • Increased my salary
  • Didn't travel enough
  • Practiced tolerance and failed especially towards the end of the year
  • Established my politics
  • Overcame loneliness
  • Closed the door on my 7 year old fashion career
  • Joined the gym
  • Stopped wishing I wasn't single
  • Met a really cute boy and dived into a whirlwind romance
  • Had great sex after 16 months of virginal tendencies
  • Wrote more
  • Partied less
  • Vomited one night when I was out and got kicked out of a brothel
  • Finally chose a signature drink - Whiskey & Soda 
  • Made some really lovely new friends
  • Had 12 hour conversations
  • Went after my crush and got total bat
  • Found a new passion
  • I probably toned down my feminist streak :-(
  • Understood South Africa better
  • Became unpleasantly competitive at 30 Seconds
  • Got mad
  • Learned the rap lyrics to Benz Punany
  • Spent more time alone
  • Got published in the City Press
  • Became more vulnerable and less cool
  • And finally, In the best night of 2013, met and hung out with Skunk Anansie and an hour later, just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, met and chilled with Idris Elba and sang with him, Thandiswa and Maverick Sabre. 
My 2014 list is private at this point so I won't share that until the beginning of 2015 but the biggest goals for 2014 are these two:
  • I want to live, as in not die. 
  • I want to feel no guilt unless I have done something wrong.  
Here's to a splendid year you guys.  Thanks for giving me a reason to love life even more.  I promise to make this better this year. 

Lots and lots of love


Dineo Maboe said...

Tjo wena, that list! As for getting kicked out of a brothel, tell us more!

Vuyi said...

Love this Milli:-) wishing you more love and more joy.

BirdsOfAFeather said...

Love reading your stuff... :)

an afropolitaine said...

LOOOOVE this! 2014 will be good to you and looking forward to your list next year

nompumelelo ngubeni said...

Thank you for sharing - always lovely! What do you mean "Closed the shop"? You referring to Mememe? Also "Closed the door on my 7 year old fashion career"? What's the fashion world to be without you?

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Hey @Nompumelelo, I mean exactly that - close the shop and left outgrew my fashion career. I'll still dip my feet in some things but I'm not there anymore.

G.O.T Game said...

Awesome it is!!

Peeping Tam said...

I am glad I got to be a part of the year, even if only for a little while x
Your honesty and hard work encourage me to push myself constantly.

Nomali said...

Compliments! You've chosen a signature drink? You're so growed up. 30 Seconds competitiveness? How are you with Crazy 8s?

This is a great list (yay! crush chasers.) I hope 2014 is just as good to you.


nompumelelo ngubeni said...

I remember thinking to myself - "the nerve" when you stood up at the Captivate Conference in 2006 to tell Zam Nkosi that you were going to take the fashion world by storm after he'd asked what our futures held in store for us. About a year later (my timing could be off) I saw you in a magazine and the title read "SA Fashion Week spokesperson/fashion assistant".

I was so amazed but not surprised as you spoke with such conviction that day at the conference. Well done! I hope the same conviction and determination leads to success in your next endeavour ;-)

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