Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Friday you guys, I hope you've had a good week.  Mine started off quite nicely.  I don't know if it's the power of manifestation or what. On Monday I was in my home office typing away and didn't really feel like getting up to make lunch. I made a wish that somebody would just make lunch for me, a warm something with chicken in it.  I knew that Simply Asia would deliver a goodie bag that day as they had called to tell me about their new campaign and how they would send me the elements on Monday. I was expecting a USB stick and food menus but taaa daaa - not one but two warm delicious lunches in a brown paper bag and some other really thoughtful and sweet trinkets, included 25 meal vouchers.  In an ideal world I would eat all of these meals myself but the point is to spread the word. About what you may ask?

Simply Asia, the much loved restaurant chain that brings you Authentic Thai food, made simple (Thai is my favourite Asian cuisine) is turning 10 this year and to celebrate, they are inviting all of us to go and experience the 10 new dishes they've cooked up to mark this milestone. (Aside: I just wanna let you know that typing this and having to look at that picture is painful) I've had meals 533 and 625 and I'm literally going back for more as soon as the clock strikes 13.00.

So now it's time to spread the love. I haven't quite figured out how to give away 10 double meal vouchers yet, I think I might do that as a celebration of the new look blog in February but I'm itching for someone to have a nice lunch on me asap. So here's how the competition will kick off. 

How to enter:

 In the comments section, fill in one really good thing that has happened to you in the last 10 days. It can be something that someone did for you, a present received, a sweet human moment when nobody was watching - anything that made you feel good. And then who you'll take to lunch/dinner if you win and why. 

Then Tweet and Facebook the following: 

@SimplyAsia_SA is turning 10 &  is giving away a  lunch to kick of the celebrations  

Best answer wins a R250 lunch voucher from Simply Asia. I'm on my way there now and I'm going to be trying out the new stuff. Follow my twitter and instagram feed for pics and updates @missmillib on both. I'll announce the winners on Monday. 

This is a month long campaign so I hope you're hungry. 

Sawasdee (Goodbye in Thai) 


Mandy Capela said...

s̄wạs̄dī Milli :)

This morning I found a bag of toys someone had purchased and accidentally left next to the ATM (our office is next door). An hour later these 2 little girls came into our office frantically looking for it. They were so happy to be reunited with their toys and gave me a big hug to say thank you. That was really too sweet and it was a happy start to my Friday.

If I win, I would take Natalie and Sazi with me because we three are obsessed with Simply Asia, especially the Po Pia Chocolate (chocolate springrolls) - this dessert is the most heavenly thing and just thinking about it now makes me want it!

I love Simply Asia because they have the tastiest vegetarian dishes and whenever I leave there, I'm feeling happy with my meal and dining experience.

Thomas van Dyk said...

Earlier this week a taxi driver taught me how to kickstart my car without jumper cables in the Oriental Plaza parking lot after I forgot my headlights on and the battery had run down.
He had to show me twice - I didn't quite manage the whole kick-and-clutch movement the first time around.
A true samaritan on a bloody hot day, tremendously patient and friendly throughout the whole palava. Flat-out refused me tipping him, saying goodbye with a wide smile (I'm sure he was breaking with laughter on the inside) and a handshake.
Should I be your lucky pick, I'll probably be totally skaamless and ask a nice boy to dinner. My dating life is pretty much as run down as my car battery in the Plaza parking lot and I could do with a nice meal with a handsome someone across from me.

Namhla's Inspired Reflections said...

My meetings finish off early on Monday and i head on home. On the way i decide to go window shopping for some home furnisher. I call my husband to say he doesn't need to worry about picking up the kids from school, i'll fetch them after my quick stop at the shops
He decides to grab the opportunity and meet me for drinks before joining me with the window shopping, for furnisher we can't even afford for now. Walking around, just the two of us, holding hands and being silly, made my heart smile. These stolen moments are few and far in between. Our dates usually involve Spur, Macdonals or Wimpy, thanks to our 2 little girls.

Needless to say, if i win the tickets, i'm taking him out on a proper date. He is starting on an MBA journey in Feb, so i won't be seeing much of him for the next 2 years. There isn't a more perfect time than now for us to go on that date.


Nontyatyambo Qabaka said...

Well for the past two months me & my two friends have been looking for a place, it has been one of the most frustrating things I have ever gone through. Seeing the perfect place, but then realising that it is out of your budget. Then there is the admin of going to the viewings, I swear we must have viewed 25 different places and when we get there 8 out of 10 times they look nothing like the pictures on the internet. This week, our prayers were finally answered and we bagged our perfect little home. It's a cute 3 bedroom in Robin Hills with a killer view and the sweetest landlord. Bonus is that it will work out cheaper than the place we were staying at before this,so God did us a real solid on this one. You never realise how much you need your own space until you squatting at your boyfriends 1 bedroom bachelor pad, it sucks feeling guilty for wanting to watch Generations (don't tell people I watch Generations Mili, I'll deny it) because he hate. So yeah, this is truly the BEST thing that could have happened to me this week, this month in fact.

If I were to win this amazing prize, I would treat my man to a special night out. I'd choose to take him because the whole time I have been staying at his place he has been nothing but supportive, loving and understanding. He hasn't expected anything from me in return, and has been trying his best to make sure that I feel as comfortable as possible. Now you may think, well he is your man and should be all those things....This is true, however I've been kinda broke while I'v been staying with him (ki January boss) and it would be really nice to feed him for a change....

So pick me Mili, let me be a hero man...

Ntyatyi :)

Klodi said...

We were broken into on Tuesday afternoon and we were utterly devastated. My older brother then donned his Superman cape. Came over to our place was there with us throughout the entire ordeal. To top it all off he proceeded take us out for vanilla milkshakes- my childhood favourite, and open his door us to until we felt ready to live in our place.

if I were to win that prize, I'd surprise him with lunch at the office. He works really hard long hours and I'd love to bring some cheer to his day too.

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