Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday afteroon arrival look:
Top: Leigh Schubert
Trousers: Selfi
Sunglasses: Armani at Sunglass Hut
Headband: Woolworths
Shoes: Melissa
Rings: I never take these off, they are from Mememe

Saturday breakfast look:
Dress: Silverspoon
Sunglasses: Armani at Sunglass Hut
Headband: Woolworths
Clogs: Nina Z at Mememe

Met arrival and day look:
Dress: Leigh Schubert
Earrings: The Space
Shoes: Europa Art

Met evening look
Dress: Colleen Eitzen 
Watch: Komono
Rings: Mememe
Blanket: The Space
Belt: Amanda Laird Cherry
Shoes: Europa Art

Sunday flight look
Shirt: The Space (I forget the designer sorry)
Trousers: Selfi
Shoes: Melissa
Rings: Mememe

Happy Friday bahlali.  You've probably ever only seen me do something like this never cos I'm not a big fan of selfies and this type of ego blogging but that doesn't mean that when the opportunity arises, I will say no.  I got a call the other day from The Zone in Rosebank and they wanted me to go and choose an outfit that I would wear to The Met, which I had no plans attending, but now of course I will be attending mwahahahahahah!  And naturally, I didn't just choose one look, because weekends away mean planned looks at every point and the experience of making these up was fun.  You guys know I'm a local fashion heux so there was only one place that I really could sink my teeth into for this particular task - The Space.  Most of the looks are from there with a bit of Woolies and Europa Art and Sunglass Hut. I also really liked the Holmes Brothers shop but it's a little street for Miss Milli but I like what's happening there, plus the sales assistants are very nice. The theme is Dress to Conquer and while I admire those that go all out by wearing hats and carrying Scott Disick like canes, it's not me. I'm for conquering discomfort and having a good time. What do you think of these looks? The J&B Met takes place on 1 February in Cape Town. I can't wait. Can you tell I hate taking pictures in this last pic? Thank goodness my friend Stephanie O'Conner was patient enough with me while we took these.


Ofentse "Fancy" Moremi said...

That grey shirt is boss, where's it from?

Keabetsoe Mautla said...

That Leigh Schubert top is gorgeous!! And no, we can't tell you hate taking pics. You actually should post more :)

dayisnight said...

FLAWLESS oh my god

Sabu said...

That Colleen Eitzen dress is giving me major heart palpitations, in a [really] good way :)

One said...


Creativity Breeds said...

MET arrival + Friday afternoon are my FAVES!!!!
Have fun Milli-A-Milli! We deserve it!

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